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Loodo Ninja – Top 7 Board Games to Back Right Now – October and November 2019

Oathsworn, TIny Epic Dinosaurs, Chroniclesof Drunagor, High Frontier 4 All, Zombicide 2nd Edition, Calico, Infinity Defiance

October didn’t disappoint! On Kickstarter we’ve had some million sellers, big returns and great games made by completely new players on the market. It’s always hard to pick my favourites, but this month made it even more of a challenge. 

🎲 Let’s go!

1. Oathsworn Legacy games are always among the top funded projects, and this one looks like something that could entertain me and my group for weeks, if not months. The game is fully cooperative and has a plenty of hidden components you’re supposed to unlock while going through the nonlinear story campaign enhanced with audio narration. Miniatures and illustrations are top notch. I’m torn between this and Chronicles on Druganor (sorry wallet!)

2. Tiny Epic Dinosaurs Tiny Epic series never ends and I’m happy with that. Dinosaurs is the newest installment and it makes players take on the roles of dinosaur ranchers competing to breed the most awesome creatures available for sale to dinosaur parks. Most of gameplay is based around worker placement mechanics and everything can be played in under 45 minutes.

3. Chronicles of DrunagorDungeon crawlers are among my most beloved genres. Especially the creative ones that try to invent something fresh. That’s just how Chronicles of Drunagor is. The game has explorable dungeons constructed from trays taken from inside of its box. Each section is divided by a random foldable cardboard door that hides information about monsters and treasures in the room you’re about to open. 

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4. High Frontier 4 All – If I had to recommend something for more experienced players, especially if they enjoy complex civilization games, the High Frontier series is certainly worth mentioning. The newest expansion takes space colonization to a whole new level, offering various gameplay modules designed so that you can tailor the rules to your personal needs. Some new mechanics also allow less experienced players to learn and enjoy this great game.

5. Zombicide 2nd Edition – I simply couldn’t ignore this one, especially if some of you haven’t played any other Zombicide games. This new release is supposed to add rule innovations from both spinoffs (Black Plague and Invader). The campaign also keeps evolving and gets new optional buys every few days. Most interesting ones include a 7-12 players expansion, a travel edition of the game that you can play in plane/train/car, and a scenario with one and only Danny Trejo.

6. Calico – When I first saw that cat on the cover, I instantly knew I had to check this one out. Turns out we’re getting something similar to abstract puzzlers like Azul or Sagrada (gameplay wise) and Patchwork (theme wise) but… with cats. I already bought Cottage Garden by Uwe Rosenberg for the very same reason (cat tokens) but the more the merrier!  Calico is priced at $29 with all of its KS promos and stretchgoals – the right price for a fun filler game. I might get this one.

7. Infinity Defiance – a dungeon crawler in space set in the Corvus Belli universe, and like in many dungeon crawlers – it’s a co-op. You’ll explore uncharted alien lands with your 1-4 person commando unit. Characters constantly develop, gain new skills and abilities. Everything looks well thought and gorgeously decorated. And my favourite part: you can use the minis in the Infinity Tabletop Skirmish Game!

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