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LOODO NINJA – Board Games to Back on Kickstarter in June

Nemesis: Lockdown, Chai: High Tea, Bristol: 1350, Tiny Epic Pirates

Hello friends! June is here and we’re having one of the busiest times of the year on Kickstarter. Tons of projects from big name publishers and smaller ones keep popping up every week. Need some guidance or recommendations? Look no further!

🎲 Nemesis Lockdown

Finally! Time to kick even more alien butt and do so in a completely new setting! Nemesis is one of my favourite board games and likely the most popular title released by Awaken Realms so far. What’s the deal with this new campaign? First and foremost: you can get Nemesis Lockdown here. It’s a new standalone expansion. You can use the components from the original game while playing Lockdown but they’re nowhere near mandatory. Innovations include a multilevel board with stairs and elevators, emergency plans with hidden events that may challenge the players, mechanics related to light and darkness, improved solo mode, new rooms, equipment and characters. Additionally backers can get their hands on the original Nemesis and its expansions.

🎲 Chai: High Tea

Another favourite I can easily vouch for. Chai was originally funded back in 2018 and managed to collect over $135.000 on Kickstarter. In the game players become tea merchants and have to get their hands on best ingredients, additions and spices to create the best drinks possible and satisfy various clients. Chai: High Tea is the new expansion and it focuses on the tea culture all over the world. Many famous blends like Yerba will join the original list. Players will also gain new powers shown on brand new, two sided ability boards. Each of 6 boards includes different abilities leading to more variety between players. Backers are also able to get the original game and its deluxe, Kickstarter only editions. 

🎲 Bristol: 1350 A Medieval Game of Racing, Plague & Deceit

The newest game by Travis and Holly Hancock from Facade games. Bristol: 1350 will come packed in a stylish book like box – like all previous games released by the duo. The game takes us to the era of Black Death plague in the Middle Ages. Each player will have only one goal: to escape the city alive on a cart. Carts will also have to transport other players, who might secretly carry the plague. If you end up on one cart with a sick character, you lose even if you get to the city gates. From what I’ve seen Bristol: 1350 feels like a fun and fast paced game with great focus on social deduction. It looks fantastic too.

🎲 Tiny Epic Pirates

After Galaxies, Dinosaurs, Mechs, Zombies it’s finally time for pirates to have their own “Tiny Epic” game. The new creation of Scott Almes can be played by 1 to 4 players, each of them sporting their own pirate ship and moving through a modular map. A rondel based action system works as the core of the game. Thanks to its capabilities, you will be able to plunder villages, trade on black market, gain new crew members, combat other pirates, search for treasures and most importantly: bury your own. If you manage to hide 3 of your treasures – you win the game. The campaign also includes an expansion which might make the game a bit less “tiny” but add tons of content like a ghost ship, cursed gold, skeleton crewmen and more.

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