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LOODO NINJA – Best Tabletop Gaming Projects to Back on Kickstarter in August 2021

Hello friends! Like always I’m back with a new batch of great board game and RPG recommendations! All of them can still be backed on Kickstarter. Let’s go.

🎲 Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game

Avatar and its sequel – The Legend of Korra have managed to get quite a legendary reputation when it comes to animated TV shows all over the world. No wonder that a pen & paper RPG set in the very same universe is doing amazing on Kickstarter. The system was designed by Magpie Games whom you may know from Root: The Tabletop Roleplaying Game. The project has already surpassed 50.000 backers and has over 6.5 million dollars pledged, with 2 weeks left before it ends.

Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game consists of the core rulebook and a number of additional resources describing the world of Four Nations, that you will traverse as young heroes. Books provide a variety of settings which take the action of your adventures into different eras of the timeline known from the show as well as the prequel novels and comics

Apart from the books, backers can also get their hands on regular and premium dice sets designed for the system, a special cover for the rulebook, a cloth map of the show’s universe and much more stuff that all fans (myself included) will certainly love.

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🎲 Edge of Darkness: Emissaries of the Vale

Edge of Darkness by AEG debuted on Kickstarter back in 2018 and right now we can get our hands on the newest expansion for this fantastic title. 

The original game is known for many innovative mechanics like its “card crafting system” where you merge partially transparent cards to create your own. There are also many deck building elements present along worker placement and high amounts of modularity. Each player leads their own guild fighting to become the strongest force in the City. This can be achieved by taking a variety of actions.

The newest expansion called Emissaries of the Vale focuses on druidic magic and brings 12 new locations to the table. Players will also get new Contacts, Threats and tokens. The authors have also prepared a mini-expansion called The Desolation

Backers who missed the previous campaigns can get all the stuff including every single expansion released for the franchise.

🎲 Flamecraft

Flamecraft is certainly a surprise for many people following Kickstarter board game campaigns. It looks like a small, peaceful game with cute pictures, but at the same time it’s getting close to reaching its first million USD from backer pledges. A big part of the success can be attributed to Sandara Tang – the artist responsible for all illustrations in the game and known for her work on Descent, LOTR TCG, Legacy of Dragonholt and other games.

So what is Flamecraft about? The game shows a world where people and dragons live together. The latter are usually quite different from what we’re used to in fantasy worlds. They’re small, friendly creatures who help people in bakeries, coffee shops and other places that use fire when providing their services
The game can be played by 2 to 5 players together. Each of them becomes a so-called Flamekeeper specialized in working with dragons and owners of all sorts of businesses. Each tiny dragon has a specialization fit for various crafting processes. During the course of the game you visit shops, enchant them, buy their wares and work on expanding the town. Many actions are rewarded with reputation and whoever ends up with the most of it becomes the winner.

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