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Loodo Ninja – Board Gaming Projects to Back This Month

The Megan Board Game Table, Wildlands by Dwarven Forge: Handcrafted Modular Game Terrain, Elder Dice: Shards of Illumination

Hello friends! Today I have 3 great KS project recommendations just for you. This time I’ve picked 3 campaigns that should make your gaming experiences much better. Let’s go!

The Megan Board Game Table Family by Geeknson

My long awaited campaign is finally here and it came with more unexpected surprises that I previously imagined. Geeknson’s backers can choose between a variety of tables from small coffee tables to pretty huge pieces of gaming furniture. But what made me so interested in this campaign? Well… a certain addon. Geeknson’s Megan tables all come with something called 360 Aluminium Rail System that allows attaching a wide variety of additional gadgets. The one I’m talking about is a cat holder! There’s an actual addon for a furry meowing fellow that works as a place to lie within and includes a fun rope toy to play with.

My cat lover stuff aside: all tables are made from 100 years old Wild European Oaks and Geeknson continues the 400 years old European tradition of making furniture from this type of tree. 

All tables come with the same core features. They have fabric insets that make cards stable and easy to pick and these can be moved upwards thanks to the Inset Elevator. Every table also has an acrylic layer to put maps beneath, and topper leaves that cover the play area turning it into a dining table. The leaves are made in a way that prevents liquids from getting inside, are easy to move and remove, and one of them has 4 counter holders milled so you can use it while playing games too. The Aluminium Rail System I mentioned before also allows for optional add ons like cup holders, counter holders, usb or wireless chargers and many other neat stuff.

Compared to the competition the Megan tables come already assembled and all you have to do is attach their legs to make them ready for your first game night (or dinner). Out of the gaming furniture campaigns I’ve seen so far, this one takes the cake. I’m torn between the Hex and Wing models but will probably pick the former as it suits my gaming needs best.

>> Here’s the link to the campaign

Wildlands by Dwarven Forge: Handcrafted Modular Game Terrain

Since I’ve been talking about tables for quite a bit, how about something you could use on one of these. Something like… a huge set of RPG terrain ready for D&D or wargame sessions.

Dwarven Forge is back on Kickstarter with another colossal project focused on modular terrain for games. We have already visited deep caverns, mysterious temples, mines and many more. This time it’s time to get your hands on extremely detailed swamps and forest locations. Both of these heavily expand the previous Dreadhollow Forest and Erinthor Mountains sets. All plants have realistic shapes and styles: from lush trees to horror like ones with twisted and naked branches. All terrain elements can be combined to create unique, large scale locations perfect for any setting. 

Each release by Dwarven Forge is innovative and introduces new elements to their already huge catalogue. In the case of Wildlands – we have 150 new pieces (almost all related to fantasy flora) and many other elements like… a miniature fog machine. Check out Dwarven Forge’s campaign here. The project has already collected over $2,419,161 and there are still 14 days to go.

Elder Dice: Shards of Illumination

Another popular board game accessory creator is back with a brand new project. And this time we’re dealing with dice. And who doesn’t love these? (I do).

The newest set of Mythic Elder Dice is coated with iridescent glitter and: unique “swirls” that look like melted wax, have metallic flecks and a translucent core.  Each of 3 boxes includes a set of 10 dice, so you can play almost all games and RPGs with these. The grimoire-like boxes, like always, are incredibly stylish and locked with a magnet. You can check out the campaign here.

Now on Kickstarter!

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