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Loodo Ninja – What Board Games to Back on Kickstarter in August

Hello friends! I’m back after my break only to share some amazing Kickstarter campaigns either running right now or coming within weeks. Take your favourite tea or drink, sit comfortably and… enjoy!

🎲 Roll Camera! The Filmmaking Board Game

Creative takes on the co-op game genre are easily among my favourite titles, and Roll Camera fits that description perfectly. Each of you plays a different part in the process of making a movie. There’s a director, a star, a cinematographer, editor, production designer and a producer. You all share the same goal: making the best movie possible. Alternatively, the game also lets you win when you reach the other side of the spectrum and make a movie so bad, that it’s good. To get to the end you have to use your budget smartly and solve neverending problems together with your own idea cards. The majority of gameplay is based around dice placement, so fans of heavy dice chuckers will definitely feel right at home. 

>>> Back the Roll Camera! Campaign here

🎲 The Umbrella Academy Card Game

A second season adapting the popular graphic novel by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá has only premiered recently on TV and at the same time we’re also getting a card game set in the Umbrella Academy’s universe. Being a huge fan of the comic I simply couldn’t resist adding this one to my list. The card game is designed for 1 to 6 players and plays really fast (20 minutes per game). To win you have to defeat villains known from the story while cooperating with your siblings. Those of you who’ve read or watched Umbrella Academy you probably know that the family doesn’t always get along. This is represented by special event deck adding a new challenge to each turn. The game comes in 3 different versions, the standard one priced as low as $25 which is a rare sight on Kickstarter. The Deluxe and Collector’s Editions contain higher quality components and gadgets related to the franchise.

🎲 The Shivers

I kept my eyes on this once since the very first announcement. It looks so unique and visually stunning! The idea of making a mystery tabletop game based around actual pop-up dioramas seems brilliant. Everything begins with a strange letter you receive from a person claiming to be lost in a haunted house. The only way to help them is to band in a 2-5 player group and venture to the mysterious mansion to solve all of its mysteries. The Shivers is divided into one hour long episodes, each with an unique diorama setup and many secrets to figure out. The core box includes 8 different episodes, 6 characters to play as, a set of dioramas, scenery elements, creature standees and… a magnifying glass. The deluxe edition comes with even more components and bonus stories to enjoy.

🎲 Geekenson’s Board Gaming Tables

One of my most awaited Kickstarter campaigns  is bound to launch sometime in August. Some of you probably remember Geeknson and their board gaming tables funded earlier this year by European backers. Soon a brand new campaign will start, this time offering delivery to North America. I love how the guys make their table modular and offer a scope of customization that’s yet to be matched. If you want more info on this one, check out KA’s recent article here.

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