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LOODO NINJA – Board Games to Back on Kickstarter in Late May

HEL: The Last Saga, Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Rise of the Psycho Rangers, Adventures in Neverland, Railroad Ink Challenge, Tiny Ninjas: Heroes

Hello friends! Today I’ll show you my top 5 currently running Kickstarter campaigns: from a large scale legacy game to a smaller roll & write title. And like always, sit (or stand) comfortably and… enjoy!

🎲 HEL: The Last Saga

The newest project from Mythic games has grabbed my attention instantly. Aimed at 2-4 players (with a slightly different solo variant) the game builds on what we know from legacy games and adds quite a lot to that mixture. The story takes place on an island where a crew of Nordic warriors went to look for their lost king. Filled with horror and secrets the new land sounds exciting and worth uncovering bit by bit. If you want to know more about how the game plays – check out KA’s latest article here.

The campaign seems to be going smoothly and has risen over $1000.000 so far. Stretch goals unlocked recently include lots of high quality minis and other components. I also like how there is only one pledge option and it has every single thing included. Five ninja stars from me!

>>> Campaign link

🎲 Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Rise of the Psycho Rangers

If you grew up watching Power Rangers, you might have heard about the recent “Heroes of the Grid” tabletop miniature game series. 2 editions have been released so far and recently a campaign for 2 new expansions has launched to quite a success. 

Rise of the Psycho Rangers adds the titular villains to the already hefty pool along their minis and cards. For players who enjoy asymmetric co-op games, there’s a new “Mastermind Mode” where one player can control the villains for the others to defeat. Second expansion called “Machine Empire” adds plenty of new enemies to defeat including some that fight in duos.

Fans who have missed out on previous campaigns can also get all the existing content in a single $625 pledge. Sounds steep, then again you’re getting so many boxes with minis and scenarios, you’ll likely have to get a new shelf to host them all.

🎲 Adventures in Neverland

An adventure game set in the good old Neverland got me curious. I was always a fan of the original book, Hook, the Disney animated adaptation, so I simply had to check this one out. 

Adventures in Neverland is a game made for 2-4 players who can assume the roles of famous characters: from Peter Pan himself, to Tinkerbell and even Captain Hook. The game offers both cooperative and competitive variants. There are quite a few storylines to experience, all depending on your choices during each game. All characters explore the island, get new and valuable items, experience stories – all to amass the so-called “adventure points”. Whoever has the most of these at the end becomes the winner.

🎲 Railroad Ink Challenge

One of my favourite roll & writes is back with a new edition. No, wait… TWO new editions. After Deep Blue (river themed), Blazing Red (volcano themed) this time we will be building our railroads near deserts and forests. The new versions called Shining Yellow and Lush Green offer much more than their 2 predecessors. 

The goal stays the same: roll dice and use railroads to connect points on the map. Each edition features unique dice that add new options and challenges. The newest two editions funded through this campaign also include challenge cards that spice up the gameplay by miles. Additionally the campaign offers a special Solo Board, new mini expansions, and an Epic Board that’s much bigger than the one most fans got used to.

🎲 Tiny Ninjas: Heroes

Now that’s my kind of theme! And the concept behind the game looks neat as well. Tiny Ninjas: Heroes is a 1-2 player game based on dice and cards. Players become ninjas who duel each other in a battle of wits, cunning and some shurikens. To up your chances you have to use various equipment, ability and shield cards that your fighter has at their disposal. The rules seem fun and well-thought but what takes the cake here is the portability of the game. You play it entirely inside its box, which has quite an unique design including magnetized energy tracks.

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