Top 5 Board Games to Back on Kickstarter in February 2020

Tanares Adventures + Arena the Contest, Vampire: The Masquerade – CHAPTERS, Aeon’s End: Outcasts, PARKS: Nightfall, Here to Slay

Long time no see! I bet you’re thirsty for some good board game recommendations and the good old Loodo (me) is about to give them to you! Let me guide you and your wallet once again. Let’s go!

Tanares Adventures + Arena the Contest

A well received skirmish game is back for these who have missed it previously. Arena the Contest 1.5 comes with upgraded rules and better looking minis. The new Kickstarter campaign is about much, much more though. The creators from Dragori Games have actually designed a second game located in the same world, using many of AtC’s components. Tanares Adventures, because that’s what it’s called, is a co-op game for 1-8 players

The main campaign is 100 hours long and every quest you complete has an influence on the game’s world. Similarly to Gloomhaven players start in a city, go on a journey when they may encounter some challenges, and then proceed to the actual scenario. Dungeons have an element of randomness making encounters more surprising and challenging. 

Pick this one if: you want a huge campaign game that can also be played competitively.

Vampire: The Masquerade – CHAPTERS

A tabletop game set in the World of Darkness known from Vampire: The Masquerade, Mage: The Ascension and many other RPGs. VTM: CHAPTERS can be played solo or in a group of 4 players. The game is really text heavy – cards contain pieces of narration and make you pick between various, often complicated choices. Creators advertise it as a complete RPG in a box without the need for a game master. 

Characters keep developing as you progress, and get access to a wide variety of weapons: from sharp fangs to various firearms. But fighting is not the only part of your adventures. You will also spend lots of time solving mysteries and cases all taking place in a gothic punk version of Montreal. 

Pick this one if: you like story heavy games and/or the World of Darkness universe.

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Aeon’s End: Outcasts

Aeon’s End is a co-op deck builder, where players fight bosses called “nemeses” together. The series has debuted back in 2016 on Kickstarter and we keep seeing new installments every year. Last year we could back “The New World” – an edition that merged all previously released content together into one huge game. The newest project called “Outcasts” works as a standalone title. Despite that, it’s fully compatible with all the previous content

Aeon’s End: Outcasts expands the world with tons of new items, nemeses but first and foremost: 8 new and unique mage characters (some of which might be quite surprising for the fans). Just like in New World, we will again fight against a series of nemeses during our Expeditions and the latest additions contain some really clever mechanics during their fights.

Pick this one if: you love deck-building and want to try a franchise that might last you for a long, long time.

PARKS: Nightfall

2019’s PARKS was a sight to behold and a joy to play. The game was easily among my favourite KS projects of the past year and surprisingly, we’re seeing it back on Kickstarter much sooner than expected. 

Parks is a celebration of nature and most beautiful mountains, forests and lakes in the United States. The new expansion called “Nightfall”, apart from adding more places to visit, focuses on experiencing famous parks after dawn. You will be able to camp at nightfall and set up your own tents which grant powerful rewards. The expansion is as visually stunning as the original game and if you really like the art, authors also offer a simple memory based game utilizing illustrations from PARKS and PARKS: Nightfall called PARKS: Memories.

Pick this one if: you want a beautiful and not ultra heavy game with an unique theme.

Here to Slay

With over 2 million USD pledged, and 5 more days to go, Here to Slay is setting up to be one of the highest funded KS campaigns of early 2020. The game was created by the very same team that gave us Unstable Unicorns and it’s expansion some time ago.

Here to Slay is again a card game with complexity matching Munchkin or previously mentioned Unstable Unicorns. Each player recruits characters to join his or her party and these include various animals in RPG themed outfits. You either win by making a proper party with 6 members or by defeating a certain number of monsters. Playstyle is heavily determined by the leader of your party and his or her RPG class. Everything comes decorated with awesome art by Ramy Badie who also happens to be the designer of the game.

Pick this one if: you want a fast paced, cute game to play with friends over a beer.

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