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Loodo Ninja – Which Kickstarter Board Games to Back in August 2019?

Hello lads and ladies! I’m back with another bunch of fresh recommendations of current and upcoming Kickstarter board game campaigns. What to back? What to check out? Any new projects worth waiting for? Let me give you the answers!


  • Etherfields – continues to be my number one thanks to its uniqueness. Sadly, just like I expected, it’s becoming more and more expensive with each revealed addon. If you’re on the fence, you can always go for the $1 pledge and wait for the pledge manager to make your final decision.
  • Dice Throne: Adventures – The new dungeon crawler variant and a remaster of Season One keep attracting new backers (myself included). It’s the first campaign in the series to get past one million USD. 
  • Trial by Trolley – over 2.3 million dollars collected and a whole week of campaign left. This game is on its way to become one of the highest funded projects of the year. It also looks funny and inexpensive. Keeping my eyes on this.


  • Smartphone Inc. – economic euro game about establishing a smartphone manufacturing corporation. The new edition includes tons of revamped and upgraded components – both visually and mechanically. If you’re into euros, this is easily an insta back!
  • SHASN – a Political Strategy Board Game. If you’re looking for something unusual, here’s a game for you. Each player becomes a politician trying to win a campaign. You get one campaign (USA, Ancient Rome etc.) with the core box and all 4 of them with the “Presidential Edition”.
  • BattleTech: Clan Invasion – BattleTech: Clan Invasion is a wargame with miniatures and a new addition to one of the longest running SF game franchises ever. The campaign is supposed to include upgraded versions of OmniMechs known from the older versions.


  • Sleeping Gods – a new game by Ryan Laukat launches next Tuesday. This time it’s an atlas game, where a beautiful book filled with maps replaces a typical board. It’s going to be adventure heavy and looks pretty innovative so far. I’m waiting impatiently!

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