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Loodo Ninja – Which Kickstarter Board Games to Back – September 2019

Aeon Trespass: Odyssey, Successors, Gugong Panjun, Yedo, The Isofarian Guard

Long time no see friends! The lazy summer is over where I live and meanwhile Kickstarter is slowly filling up with new, fresh projects.

Time to get to my usual business: recommendations! What to back? Where to empty your wallet? Which projects are worth at least checking out? 

Let’s go!

Big Adventure Games

Aeon Trespass: Odyssey – the big, plastic heavy game of the week! Jokes aside, this one looks rather solid. You can play it solo or with friends (up to 4 players). 1500 cards, 200 hours to complete – the creators certainly promise a lot. 

I like the style they went for – a very dark vision of ancient Greece. They’ve also had some successful game miniature projects before, so they’re not new to Kickstarter. If you’re looking for a big campaign driven game and like the theme – go for it. One more thing though: the campaign includes Awaken Realms style paid story content add-ons, so prepare your wallet for some additional suffering if you want the whole thing on your shelf/table/treasury.

The Isofarian Guard – Found this one by accident and it’s looking really damn good. A story driven, adventure game about northerners. Sounds generic? How about the entire storyline… being fully voiced? I mean: many games have their own soundtracks, but this concept feels really refreshing to me. And besides, the game looks long enough with its 4 campaigns

Another interesting tidbit: you can only play it solo or in a 2 player team. That’s actually great as 3/4 player modes in epic adventure games often tend to drag or make one person a leader deciding everything for others. It won’t be happening here for sure 😉.

Euro Games… With East Asian Themes

Gùgōng: Pànjūn Deluxe Expansion – Gugong is a pretty heavy euro game set in the Ming era China. The country flourishes, but the corruption destroys it from the inside. All mechanics of the game work wonderfully to show the politics and intrigues of the era realistically. The campaign includes an expansion consisting of 4 smaller modular expansions, and a “deluxe set” with all the Gugong content released so far. 

Yedo – Deluxe Master Set – a deluxe version of 2012’s Yedo looks fantastic and according to the campaign, the limited edition won’t EVER be available outside of Kickstarter

Instead of Gugong’s medieval China, in Yedo: we go to medieval Japan. The game is a really neat worker placement title and the deluxe version looks like it’s worth it. You place your people over various districts, carry out missions, get more power in the city and try to win by having the most prestige at the end.

The Deluxe Master Set upgrades the 2012 game with beautifully painted meeples, reworked visuals, improved functionality, new designs of components and a huge stylish box to fit all of the above. Like the genre? Back this one right now!

Hurry Up

Successors – The campaign ends soon, but I simply have to mention it. Successors is an exceptional title. I have some very fond memories of the 1997 version and the new one makes the game even more awesome. 

Rules got reworked, old components replaced by beautifully sculpted minis and there’s much, much more. If you like a more realistic take on ancient Greece and enjoy heavyweight area control strategy games: hurry up! There’s less than 10 hours left as of writing my post. In the worst case: you can always get the retail version which will only miss the “usurpers ring” and a miniature siege engine.

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