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LOODO NINJA – Best Tabletop Gaming Projects to Back on Kickstarter This April

Hello friends! April is finally here and so is another bunch of my monthly recommendations. Like always, I picked my favourite active Kickstarter campaigns, all belonging to the „tabletop gaming” category. Enjoy!

🎲 BRISTOL – Board Game Table

Let’s start with something that got my attention right away. 

Furniture aimed at board game players appears on Kickstarter from time to time but this project seems to finally be doing everything right. I’m talking about the new BRISTOL Board Game Table family by Geeknson.

First of all, this set of tables comes in a number of different shapes and sizes. From the coffee table that can fit anywhere to a large 6-8 person table for big scale games in larger groups. Most models come with watertight wooden leaves that can cover the inner vault area and leave the game intact while having dinner above. No more putting a game back into its box when my grandkids / friends get craving for some pizza or I want to serve them dinner.

The lower area where you play your games is called the „the vault”. It can either host a playing mat or a special inset that makes picking up game components easier. All of these have customizable colours. Same with the tables themselves. While all of them are made from metal and hardwood, you can select the finish that suits your room the most. I’m considering Natural Oil with an Aged Metal frame.

My favourite new feature, that I haven’t seen anywhere else, is the system of magnetic table armrest corners. Neodymium magnets hidden inside allow tons of new stuff including attaching special accessories like dice trays or counter holders. There are many items you can get on the campaign and attach in these spots, just check out the official KS video.

Some features come with all BRISTOL tables, while others work as stretch goals and add-ons – all of that to further customize your table. Your table can have Controllable LED lighting that changes colour, Pro Card Rail to hold cards in front of you, an inset elevator and much more. Wooden leaves are now stored in a special space below the table so they don’t clutter your room. 

The prices start with the £577 for a basic coffee table. Higher options offer bigger tables, but pricing remains quite affordable compared to the competition. My verdict? If you’re looking for a board game table, these might be the best choice as of now.

>>> Back the project here!

🎲 Sefirot

Now that’s a theme I’ve been waiting for! A game based on tarot cards with lots of Judaic Kabbalah inspired touches. The cards in Sefirot themselves require a mention. Their art is simply stunning and stylish to no end. Minimalistic illustrations with atmospheric colouring merge into something one of a kind. Honestly if you’re into this kind of stuff, they’re worth getting just as a collector’s item.

The cards can either be used as a traditional tarot deck or as components of a board game that sports three different variations. The first one, called Know Thyself is aimed at solo players while the other two can be played with 2 players.The solo mode uses one side of the board depicting the Tree of Life, while the rest are played on the other side called Starfield.

The game itself isn’t too complicated and focuses on teaching players more about themselves in a relaxing way. You draw cards and place them on the board depending on the arcana to which they belong to (minor or major). The goal is to fill the board with cards, while following the rules. These differ between variants, and sometimes are more competitive. In general you need to “resolve” major tarot arcana by placing enough minor arcana on the top of them.

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🎲 Canvas: Reflections

Critically acclaimed Canvas made a return to Kickstarter recently and I can finally get my hands on this beautiful and innovative card game. Apart from the original version, the campaign offers a new expansion designed to increase replayability.

Canvas is a „transparent card layering game” and has players put various transparent cards together into proper pictures. 1 to 5 players collect Art Cards and try to effectively merge them together into 1 painting. Every card has some scoring related icons, some of which can be hidden from opponents. The goal is to complete 3 pictures and score the most points afterwards. Keep in mind that victory conditions change quite a bit depending which scoring cards are currently in the game.

The new expansion adds lots of new cards to Canvas and they all share a fun gimmick: every single card is two-sided and shows the same element with different colour. Apart from that, we’re also getting a completely new board with places for free Art Cards. A new, golden ribbon is present too as well as additional scoring cards.

🎲 Legends of Void

This game launched yesterday and managed to immediately grab my attention. I have a soft spot for modular boards, so an euro game with one of these sounded like something right up my valley.

Legends of Void takes place in an universe overtaken by otherworldly forces that try to devour it piece by piece. Players attempt to defeat them and fix what they’ve ruined. Heroes come in a large number, and can belong to 20 different factions so players have lots of freedom while customizing their character. The map, like I said before, is modular and creates a circle that becomes different each time you play.
Gameplay is divided into seasons of the year, each focused on something different: from card drafting and player actions (movement, gathering, attacks) to resource generation and enemy activities. Attacking servants of evil called Seraphs grants you so-called Lumen Points points which determine the winner when the game concludes.

Geeknson Board Game Table | QUESTOWER Ads Sytsem

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