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LOODO NINJA – 5 Best Board Games to Back on Kickstarter Right Now

Conan: the Conqueror – Adventure Mode Expansion, Marvel United, Kanban EV, On Tour, Planet Unknown

I’m back, this time after a much shorter break. If your wallets need some Kickstarter related guidance, I’m here for you! Let’s talk about some great campaigns running right now or coming really soon.

🎲 Conan: the Conqueror – Adventure Mode Expansion

Monolith is back with a new Conan campaign after some chaos that happened during the previous one. This time we’ll be getting something much smaller but certainly worthwhile for the fans (like yours truly). Basic pledge includes 55 new miniatures, 2 maps and a set of spell cards. There is also an expansion called Tome of Skelos included and it’s compatible with all versions of the game: Kickstarter and retail. The campaign was also offering pledges with the full Conan game, but they were limited and are mostly sold out.

🎲 Marvel United

Marvel on Kickstarter? Now that’s unexpected. The newest tabletop game by CMON and Spin Master Ltd. will let us take on the roles of Marvel heroes and save the world together. Marvel United is fully cooperative and playable with up to 4 players. During each game you add cards to the “storyline” and watch for the Masterplan Cards that work as the AI of the villain. 

Additional mode allows you to face Thanos and fight for the Infinity Stones. Every hero has his or her own deck filled with powerful cards.  Fighting thugs and completing quests allows heroes to finally face the villains and defeat them once and for all. 

The gameplay itself sounds neat but I wish Marvel United had more adult-looking characters. Still, I backed it as a gift for my great great grandson. He’s going to love it!

🎲 Kanban EV

Fans of Vital Lacerda are in for a treat. Especially if Kanban: Driver’s Edition, a game about manufacturing cars, is missing from their collection. A new edition called Kanban EV is currently being crowdfunded and looks really good. The EV in the title stands for “electric vehicles”, because that’s the main theme this time. 

Assembly lines are the most unique and most interesting mechanic here. The game, like most stuff by Lacerda, is a rather heavy euro strategy. Apart from visual tweaks by Ian O’Toole, new edition includes a special deck to play solo designed by David Turczi, new expansion called Speed Charger, tons of tweaks and great looking components.

🎲 On Tour

On Tour was one of the games I skipped when they were being crowdfunded and ended up regretting it. It has turned out to be one of the best roll & write games on the market and luckily, It’s back on Kickstarter.

In On Tour you play as a manager of a rock band that travels through the United States. You need to plan your trip perfectly according limitations on cards and dice. Whichever band manages to visit more locations wins. 

I love how the game works in bigger groups, even up to 8 people. It’s also fast and easy to introduce to board game newcomers. New edition has some tweaks like thinner box and more maps allowing more people to play at once. There’s also a new expansion with a map of Europe available on the campaign.

🎲 Planet Unknown (March 2020)

This one is coming sometime in March, but since I’m supposed to guide your wallets… Planet Unknown is a polyomino based game about colonizing planets. Players pick up pieces from a rotating circular platform set in the middle of the table and add them to their maps. Your new scraps of land generate resources and make the planet more habitable. The game can be played by 1 to 6 players at once and I can’t wait to see the final campaign. It merges one of my favourite mechanics (polyominoes) with actually deeper game that has a Terraforming Mars feeling.

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