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LOODO NINJA – 3 Games Worth Backing on Kickstarter Right Now

Steamwatchers, Chronicles of Crime Millennium, Batman The Animated Series Adventures

Hello dear friends! Good old Loodo has some recommendations for you. I will again guide your wallets (or make them suffer). Here are my my top 3 tabletop games available on Kickstarter right now!


Steamwatchers. Trademarks and visuals belong to their rightful owners.

This game got my initial attention thanks to its unique setting. A future world, enveloped in ice where huge steam pillars allow people to survive, but also lead to colossal danger, making them suffer from a disease called “Bane”. These tasked with looking for said pillars are the titular Steamwatchers.

Steamwatchers is a game by Mythic Games, known for their Mythic Battles, Joan of Arc and Reichbusters. It was designed for 2 to 5 players. Each of them chooses an unique clan with its own minis and asymmetric powers. Everyone competes for areas, looks for steam columns and battles others. The game sports an unique, diceless combat system, where players secretly boost their units by betting a certain amount of resource called “algofuel”. Whoever controls more geothermal farms and steam columns by the end of the game – wins.

Steamwatchers is based around scenarios. Each of them changes the way you play the game (e.g. the number of rounds until the end). This way the game gains much more replayability and offers alternative setups and varying challenges. 

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Chronicles of Crime – Millenium

Chronicles of Crime Milennium. Trademarks and visuals belong to their rightful owners.

Chronicles of Crime franchise is getting not one, but 3 completely new and standalone games. All of them are currently being funded through Kickstarter. The original CoC is a detective mystery game where players visit various locations and collect evidence – all through QR codes on cards. Special iOS/Android app allows inspecting 3D crime scenes, adds narration and controls the entire game.

Three new boxes will take us to Paris in 3 different time periods: 13th century, 1900 and futuristic, cyberpunk-like world. Every game will have a set of new cases and brand new, exclusive mechanics. The medieval cases follow a protagonist that has the ability to see visions of future murders and uses them to solve mysteries. This is represented by new type of cards – “visions”. 1900’s game focuses on a journalist solving cases and features special “puzzle” cards with riddles to solve. The cyberpunk era game makes you an ex-cyber-agent with her own robotic raven who helps her during investigations. The character can also get various cybernetic implant cards. Each box contains 4 new scenarios and there’s always possibility for more added later on – like in the original version.

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Batman: The Animated Series Adventures

Batman the Animated Series. Trademarks and visuals belong to their rightful owners.

One of the best cartoons ever made makes a return! The Batman games released on Kickstarter so far might have been neat, but this one made me even more hyped. Batman: The Animated Series Adventures recreates the DC universe the way that the 90s cartoon did. It comes with all its great characters like Harley Quinn and the artstyle that so many fans adore. Heroes and villains are represented by 40 great looking minis and even more in the form of expansions.

In Batman: The Animated Series Adventures 1-4 players cooperate to save Gotham City from villains like Joker, Riddler or The Penguin. Each person controls one hero from Batman to Jim Gordon. The game offers 24 different scenarios based on the storylines known from the cartoon.  Players fight their enemies who are controlled with a card based AI. There’s also a special mode, where one player can play as a villain and try to defeat all others. Many components can be integrated with other games using the AUGS system (e.g. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).

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