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Level up your game with the best accessories for your Megan Board Game Table

Megan Board Game Table is one of the most liked and popular tables that Geeknson has ever produced! Part of what makes Megan so popular is the number of fantastic accessories and add-ons that you can easily implement to your table to further enhance your comfort of gaming. Today we’ll check out some of the most convenient and helpful accessories that are sure to keep you satisfied and your gaming circle happy! 

Additional space for your arms and hands

Depending on your needs and preferences you might want to find some additional space – be it for your limbs or for game components you’re planning to use during your gaming session. Player Desks and Flip Desks are a fantastic way of adding additional space for pretty much everything you would like to have nearby. While Player Desk is an universal choice for everyone, you might also decide that Flip Desk featuring multi-function capabilities will help with both cards, dice and miniatures.

And you can also opt in for a D&D Bench to make your tabletop role playing even more fun. With this simple yet very useful addition you will find more space for character sheets or – simply – elbows.

I need to roll, hold my beverage!

Megan can be armed with all kind of holders designed to not only provide additional way of holding your drinks but also ensures that both beverages and your game components are safe from accidental spills and other similar tragedies. Cup Holder is an absolute staple for this particular category but with Megan you are sure that you will have a dedicated holder for a selected type of beverage. While you definitely will enjoy having Cup Holder at your side, if you tend to sip wine with class during your fantasy or sci-fi endeavors, Megan will help by utilizing Wine Glass Holders dedicated to that specific type of drink. It also has something for fans of teas and coffees – Mug Holders will keep your warm drink happily in place waiting for when you’re ready to have a sip.

I’m a charging my las–, I mean my phone!   

We would hate having to stop our game just because one of our friends needs to find their charger to keep his phone from dying on them. With the accessories we’ll be talking about right now you will be happy to always keep your phone at that sweet 100% battery level.

Depending on your needs, preferences and the type of your phone you might want to select USB Charger or Wireless Charger – each of them looking snazzy and cool. Obviously, you can also charge other electronics with those chargers so if you have tablets that you would like to use during 5h TTRPG session you will easily be able to keep it going – no more awkward moments!

For USB chargers – you can decide whether you’d prefer to have them in 1 or all 4 legs of the table! And by the way – have you heard that the newest table from Geeknson – Gwen – will have a wireless charger available for free as one of their Early Bird benefits? That’s electrifying!

Let’s not put other accessories aside!

We need to remind you that with Megan you can also get a Side Desk to get even more additional space that you could also use absolutely independently from the table itself. Side Desk is a fantastic option to extend your possibilities and find additional ways of finding extra convenience. You can easily use it with Megan to extend available surface – no matter whether we’re talking about grand Warhammer battle or a big dinner with whole family! You can also put the desk in an absolutely different room depending on your needs.

Speaking of side stuff – you should also be interested in benches specifically designed to fit Megan Board Game Table – they’re stylish, cleverly constructed and depending on your preferences you can get them with or without upholstery. They come in different stain/inset colors and sizes.

We’re sure you will find something for yourself and who knows – maybe an answer to your gaming difficulty is waiting patiently for you right there!  

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