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Late Pledges: 25 Great Kickstarter Board Game Projects You Can Still Back

New late pledge article for 2021 here!

Late pledges are a great way to get board games and accessories you’ve missed during their Kickstarter campaigns. With small exceptions, late pledges allow people to get every single product that was available when the project was running. And that’s not all. Many popular board game publishers add new items to their pledge manager websites, so even the people who backed the game in time have something to check out apart from filling their backer surveys.

There’s plenty of PM services available for board game fans but the majority of campaigns use Backerkit, Crowdox, Gamefound and PledgeManager. Certain publishers (like CMON) also create their own systems or decide to choose local websites like the Italian Giochistarter. There are also some cases when the creator uses their newsletter system to announce that some copies are left from the campaign and will be available in limited supply (example: Serious Poulp with their 7th Continent).

Today we picked 25 board game projects, most of which were funded this year and still have to get shipped to backers. All of them have active late pledge systems and can still be ordered if you missed them!

1. HEL: The Last Saga

A viking themed co-op survival horror game with a huge focus on the story.

► Late pledge here

2. Time Of Legends: Joan Of Arc 1.5

A new campaign for the upgraded edition of Joan of Arc wargame by Mythic Games.

► Late pledge here

3. GEEKNSON’s The Megan Board Gaming Tables

Highly customizable Megan board game tables with tons of features and add-ons.
Each Megan table gets a £ 296 ($ 396) (€ 333) worth of accessories!

► Late pledge here

4. Massive Darkness 2: Hellscape

A sequel to one of the most popular dungeon crawlers by CMON.

► Late pledge here

5. Terraforming Mars: Big Box

Huge storage box and premium components for one of the most awarded games of the decade.

► Late pledge here

6. Wonderlands War

2-5 player area control game set in the world known from the novels by Lewis Carroll.

► Late pledge here

7. The Great Wall

The first euro style game by Awaken Realms set in old China.

► Late pledge here

8. Tiny Epic Pirates

The newest game by Scott Almes in his long running Tiny Epic series.

► Late pledge here

9. Shadows of Brimstone: Adventures

Two new stand alone games set in the world of Shadows of Brimstone.

► Late pledge here

10. Oath – Chronicles of Empire and Exile

Complex strategy game with cartoony visuals by the designer of Root.

► Late pledge here

11. Unsettled

Cooperative game about space exploration for 2 to 4 players.

► Late pledge here

12. Adventures In Neverland

Story heavy adventure game with highly varied heroes known from the book.

► Late pledge here

13. Ruins: Death Binder

An unique solo game with additional 2 player mode utilizing a deck deconstruction mechanic.

► Late pledge here

14. Dice Throne Adventures & Season One: Rerolled!

Brand new approach to the Dice Throne series and a new edition of the first season of the original game.

► Late pledge here

15. Venice

Economic game with additional focus on fighting for political power.

► Late pledge here

16. Wolfenstein The Board Game

Adaptation of one of the longest running video game franchises of all time.

► Late pledge here

17. Dead Reckoning

Exploration heavy game about pirates designed by John D. Clair.

► Late pledge here

18. Trinidad

A historical city building game where players take on the roles of heads of Spanish families in Buenos Aires

► Late pledge here

19. Philosophia: Floating World

New edition of Philosophia with ancient Greece replaced with Edo era Japan.

► Late pledge here

20. Spirits of the Forest: Moonlight

New expansion to Spirits of the Forest by Thundergryph Games.

► Late pledge here

21. Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles

First 2 installments in a new, 4 games long series about taming dinosaurs.

► Late pledge here

22. Foundations of Rome

A city building game with beautiful plastic buildings and over 1 million USD collected on KS.

► Late pledge here

23. Frosthaven

Sequel to one of the biggest Kickstarter hits and the highest grossing tabletop category project of all time.

► Late pledge here

24. Swords & Sails

A complex strategy board game with lots of negotiation set in Europe during the Middle Ages

► Late pledge here

25. Tali

A historic game using knucklebone-like dice with a modern spin and choosable characters.

► Late pledge here


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