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Ladies of the Lake – Wild and Mystical STL Files Coming to Kickstarter Soon

Since medieval times lakes have been considered to be a host to a plethora of mystical creatures of various magical abilities. Those beautiful crystal clear water reservoirs in some inexplicable way seem to attract them irresistibly. Some of them make a short stop at the waters to find more energy and courage for their trip, others make those places their homes forever.

We’ll take a look at some of those creatures featured in the fantastic upcoming Kickstarter Campaign coming from extremely talented Marcin Guguła from Wonders’ Drop Studio. We’ve already had the chance to take a sneakpeek at Marcin’s work and we know that this campaign is shaping up to be amazing! The level of details created by Wonders Drop Studio is staggering and we can’t wait to learn more about the campaign itself!

You might NOT find this particular lady at your local lake.

Marcin is a very promising artist focusing on creating amazing figurines and STL files. His iconic designs and attention to details can be easily discerned simply by looking at his designs. We already had the chance to feature his designs in one of the previous articles that you can read right here. While last time Marcin was focused on different creatures that you could find in wilderness of all kinds of forests, this time he’s bent on creating some really eye-catching models for lovely ladies that you could meet at one of those oh-so-common enchanted lakes that you can find in any kind of TTRPG session you play.

The depth of details can and will astonish you

This particular forest hosting our titular Ladies of the Lake is called Broken Woods. Legend has it that in the deepest parts of the woods there is an unusual lake with beautiful emerald water and dense fog covering the whole area. This place is highly dangerous and one should not simply walk into it without necessary preparation (time to buy those sweet healing potions and poultices!) for it belongs to the Ladies – beautiful and powerful beings – spirits of these lands. It is said that they can bring ruin to anyone and everyone who sees them…

Let me assure you – she DOES see you

Ladies do obey only one person and it’s the Queen of the Forest. They serve her completely and are at her command whatever happens. If you enter the forest better pray that the Queen looks at you mercifully – that might be your only saving grace. But… no-one except maybe broken-minded individuals dares to enter the forest and her domain. Perhaps instinctively people do understand that it might end badly for them were they to encroach upon the lands belonging to those fay-like beings. And now keep in mind that Ladies and Queen are just part of what’s hidden in the forest itself…

Take a look at the scales – this level of polish and finish is simply brilliant

Marcin is working diligently on his models to make sure that you will like what he has in store – and oh boy, he’s prepared to astonish you at every step. Wonders’ Drop Studio is currently making sure that the upcoming Kickstarter campaign will feature tons of amazing and exclusive content that you will be able to find only through it! As you can see the artist from WDS is highly focused on creating very detailed figurines that will surprise you with how meticulous his work is and very soon you’ll be able to populate your own TTRPG campaign with both gorgeous and extremely dangerous creatures!

This little frog would never judge you, that’s a given!

Make sure to subscribe to the newsletter to be kept informed about Wonders’ Drop Studio work and campaigns. The campaign for these amazing STL files and much more will begin very soon and it’s the best way to ensure that you will be the first to grab Ladies of the Lake as soon as they’re available. We are convinced that you will enjoy them!

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