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KA Board Game News in Numbers. Celebrating Our Second Birthday!

Get a Kick Out of Games!

5 people. 170 articles. Almost 200,000 visitors in 2019. Top result among millions upon millions of searches when it comes to “upcoming board games” (and dozens of other phrases).

During the past 2 years KA Board Game News has transformed from a tiny project started by a bunch of hobbyists into one of the most popular board game crowdfunding related sites on the web. We track every possible piece of news from the Kickstarter tabletop gaming world day and night just for you. KA analyzes past, ongoing and most importantly: upcoming board game campaigns.

First Blood

KA Board Game News has launched on April 19th 2018 with a bunch of articles about KS campaigns. We wrote mostly about tech, unusual projects but first and foremost: about board games. As the time went by, we kept focusing on games exclusively, as that’s what we love the most.

Our first year was filled with brainstorming. What format should we choose? Short flash news, longer reviews or lengthy campaign analysis pieces? After some time the format you know right now has started to take shape. Today, as you probably know, we write almost exclusively about games – the Kickstarter ones and these that are about to pop up there soon. We keep our texts to the point and always focus on describing mechanics, settings and art.

The Debut Year Comes to an End

In 2018 over 20.000 visitors have shown up on our website. We had no clue that this number will rise tenfold in the following year. A majority of traffic came from the Northern America. The rest of the viewers were from Europe – Great Britain, Poland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands and plenty others. 

Device statistics confirm what most of us know: smart devices are dominating today’s world. 58,6% of you chose to read KA Board Game News on your mobile devices. 36,84% used desktop / laptop computers and finally: 5% browsed the site on tablets. The average time spent on KA was equal to about a minute and a half.

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Round Two

We started 2019 with a bang and a really slimy one at that. In January we’ve announced our Tentaccolade awards for the first time. We chose our game of the year, best artists, games with most unique settings and many more. We chose many indie projects but also included big players like Awaken Realms, CMON or Mythic. The article about the awards was read by over 6000 users and our position among board game media skyrocketed.

Our stats have grown as well. The amount of sessions per year has jumped to 110,807 and page views up to… 228,418. 41,84% of visitors were from Northern America and 47,96% from Europe

For the first time we’ve learned that 88,2% of our readers are men and women make the remaining 11,8%. There is a tendency however of the latter growing in numbers, especially recently. Let’s take a look at your age too. Our readers in 2019 were usually 25-34 years old (44%) or 35-44 (35,6%) years old. We have plenty of younger visitors as well.

2019 also brought some changes in terms of KA Board Game News website’s traffic. This time 49,5% of visitors came from search engines. 22,9% went to our page through links on social media and 17% just typed the web address. The average time spent on the site went up to 2 minutes.

More Successes

In 2019 we’ve focused majorly on writing about upcoming games which became our bread and butter as the time went by. Each article was (and still is) read by about 2000 people, although some with over 10 thousands also exist.

Our visibility in web searches have also went up in 2019. Especially when it comes to phrases related to the world of board games. “Upcoming board game” phrase for example makes our articles show up among the top 3. Same with the piece about best games by Awaken Realms and a similar one about CMON.

The past year also marked new collaborations with major players in the board game news and analytics world. That includes Kicktraq, Board Game Atlas and Tabletop Gaming News.

Other reader sources include BGG, Kickstarter (links from campaigns that quote our articles), a major Spanish language board game forum and many more.

2020 and Beyond

Few weeks ago we had the second edition of Tentaccolade. This time we’ve increased the number of categories. In January we’ve had 38,879 page views so if the early year’s trend continues we’re about to have another record breaking year. 

We couldn’t achieve any of that without you. Thank you for supporting our website and expect many great surprises coming soon. Until next time!

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