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Iron Harvest – Thatched Roofs and Walking Mechs

Twenties of the last century. Lush forests and marshes soaked with dirt-colored water stretch till the end of the horizon. Verdant fields rich with golden grain. Thatched huts and colossal, grim machines towering over them. Sounds like some kind of steampunk fairytale? Welcome to Iron Harvest – newest game with visuals by Jakub Rozalski.

A Strong Entrance

Iron Harvest didn’t have to wait long with reaching its base funding goal. Less than 24 hours were enough to cross a whopping 450 000 USD. Over 7000 backers have decided to support the project, which sounds fantastic considering that there is almost a month of campaign left.


One of the strongest points of the game is easily the artworks by Jakub Rozalski, Polish concept artist and an illustrator from the city of Krakow. His work merges idyllic Polish landscapes with steampunk, huge robots and elements of science fiction. Each of his pictures feels like a miniature story.

The World of Iron Harvest


The game takes place in the “World of 1920+” just like Scythe, which also featured art by Jakub Rozalski. Giant walking mechs left from the Great War became a natural element of everyday life. Peace didn’t last too long though and the people keep feeling a mysterious power attempting to destabilize their world and lead it to conflict.

Main Players of the Conflict

There is a growing pressure between 3 huge factions. The Polania Republic has a long history, huge agriculture focus but lies between 2 opposing powers. Rusviet, unofficially led by the mysterious Rasputin is on the brink of revolution. Saxony Empire is an industrial country with population depressed due to a recently lost war.


Each faction is represented by an unique hero: Anna – a resistance sniper with her trusty bear Wojtek, Olga – a spy of tzar and Gunter – a veteran of the Great War and a well known leader.

Gameplay Details

Single player mode is the main focus of Iron Harvest and consists of a huge campaign, where you’ll lead each of 3 powers in a set of missions.


The authors wanted to match the classics of RTS genre. We get access to 40 unique units, 9 heroes, 21 missions and special game modes. Stealth seems to be an important feature as well as destructive environment and equipment management.

What Lies Ahead

After such a quick success we’ll gladly cheer the authors to achieve as many stretch goals as possible. The multiplayer mode seems like the most tempting one. It’s going to not only introduce a co-op campaign and challenges but also add league with proper seasons. Other plans include cinematic cutscenes and some future DLC.


The launch is planned by the end of 2019. Iron Harvest will launch on Windows PC, Playstation 4 and XBOX ONE. Backers will be able to enjoy the game earlier thanks to the alpha and beta version access.

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