Image: Song of War Kickstarter
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Invicta Rex Games Launches Kickstarter Campaign for New World War II Strategy Game

Song for War: Mediterranean Theater Lets Players Experience the Conflict in Southern Europe and North Africa

Image: Song of War Kickstarter

Invicta Rex Games launched a Kickstarter campaign for Song for War: Mediterranean Theater. It is a tabletop strategy game set in southern Europe, north Africa, and the Mediterranean Sea during World War II.

The game accommodates 2-4 players, who can represent either the Allied or Axis nations and collaborate to set military strategy, move units, and engage the enemy. Moreover, Song for War: Mediterranean Theater’s innovative mechanics prioritize lighter and faster units over heavier units with stronger firepower, allowing players to fight the war realistically.

Image: Song of War Kickstarter

The game includes various scenarios to choose from, including 1-vs-1, 1-vs-2, and 2-vs-2, with each player representing one or two nations. Generally, there are four phases in the game round. The first is the Tactical Phase, where players can move their land, sea, and air units, resolve battles, and wrest control of strategic objectives. The Victory Phase allows players to gain victory points by taking control of objectives from across the theater. The National Support Phase allows players to call on their home country to gain advantages on the battlefield. Finally, the Resupply Phase allows players to deploy new land, sea, and air units to reinforce key forward positions.

The Kickstarter campaign has already received over 150 backers pledging almost $12,000 on the first day.

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