Image: Monster Deluxe D&D RPG Stat Tracker Case Kickstarter
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Introducing the Monster Deluxe RPG Stat Tracker: The Ultimate Tool for Tabletop Gaming

Image: Monster Deluxe D&D RPG Stat Tracker Case Kickstarter

Looking to take your tabletop gaming experience to the next level? The team at Monster has you covered with their latest creation, the Monster Deluxe RPG Stat Tracker. With over $153,000 raised, this innovative accessory has already exceeded its $5,000 funding goal on Kickstarter.

The Monster Deluxe RPG Stat Tracker is a premium wooden and acrylic case. That serves as a comprehensive alternative to the traditional pen and paper stat tracking process. Equipped with adjustable dials for stats, a dry-erase board, storage for character sheets, a dice rolling tray, a felt-lined compartment for your dice or miniatures, and a Monster-branded notepad, this all-in-one case is a game-changer for tabletop gamers.

On one side of the RPG tracker, you’ll find a character sheet display with a magnetic storage compartment underneath. A clear acrylic dry-erase board covers and protects your character sheet while allowing for quick notes and easy updates. The tracking dials, dice tray, and felt-lined accessories storage area can be found on the other side of the case.

Storage for everything

Image: Monster Deluxe D&D RPG Stat Tracker Case Kickstarter

The stat dials keep track of everything you need for your next adventure, from experience points to proficiency levels. The next section tracks your max hit points, current hit points, temporary hit points, and hit dice. The successes and failures dials follow, and the final piece of the RPG tracker dials monitor your currency.

The dice tray is perfect for rolling your favorite dice, while the felt-lined storage area has been designed to house and protect your favorite set of dice, miniatures, condition rings, or any small accessory of your choice. And with its sleek wooden and acrylic design, the Monster Deluxe RPG Stat Tracker is not only functional but also stylish.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on the Monster Deluxe RPG Stat Tracker, now is the time to act. The Kickstarter campaign ends on May 18th, so don’t miss out on this amazing accessory, whose main purpose is to redefine your future gameplay.

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