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Imnia – a City-building Game Where Time Matters

Upcoming 2019 Kickstarter Board Game

Imnia is the first project by BlackSea Interactive, and its about to hit Kickstarter. The game will merge few well-known mechanics in a completely new way. And, judging from what we’ve seen so far, they may succeed in doing it.


“Or not! Why are you guys always so positive. I’d rather analyze everything slowly while meditating. But yeah, It’s a bit innovative”



Welcome to Western Europe

Imnia is a (fictional) land that lied between Italy, France and Germany during the middle ages. And that’s precisely when and where the action of the game takes place. Imnia the board game allows players to become leaders of the land, competing about who will be the first to build a Wonder. The game has elements of city building, worker placement, hand management and racing to fulfill quests.


Each player gets a set of starting buildings, some goods and workers. The game is played in a series of rounds, in which we get new resources, collect income, and perform actions in buildings located in our town. You can also visit a city of one of your rivals, but that always costs you one emblem to enter. These are very valuable – we get them for completing quests and they’re required to build the Wonder, that makes you win the game. There are 5 of these to choose from, and each has 5 stages of completion, every one more difficult and demanding than the previous one.

Looks like Imnia will include lots of decision making during its gameplay, with tons of pressure regarding rivals doing things better and  faster.

Beautiful and Rich Country


Imnia is wonderfully illustrated – you can see it on the “Wonder” cards, buildings and even the box itself. Visuals were created by Stefan Calin and Andrei Dragomir, and it’s their first board game related work. Calin is also a designer of the game, along with Liviu Pavlovici. They both own the Romanian publishing company called BlackSea Interactive, and they began they work on the game in 2017. This year, they’ve finally shown their prototypes at Essen.

In the box you’ll find 8 types of resources, over 20 unique buildings, 5 Wonders, more than 60 quests and 14 craftable items along with 11 characters, that can be recruited during the course of the game.



The campaign is planned to launch soon, but there’s no official date available yet. We’re looking out for more information and eagerly await more details about this Kickstarter.

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