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Iconiq Studios’ They Live: The Card Game Takes Kickstarter by Storm with £54,000 Raised

Immerse Yourself in John Carpenter’s Iconic Film with a Fast-Paced Strategy Game of Deceit and Survival

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Iconiq Studios’ highly anticipated card game, They Live: The Card Game, based on the legendary John Carpenter movie, has already exceeded expectations on Kickstarter, raising over £54,000 in funding. This fast-paced multiplayer game, designed for 3-6 players, centers around strategy and teamwork, capturing the essence of the iconic film.

In this thrilling card game, inspired by the cult classic They Live, players must band together to confront a hidden enemy within their ranks. While collaboration is key for survival, not everyone is trustworthy, as some players secretly assume the roles of Invaders determined to enslave the city and annihilate humanity. The humans must rely on their outnumbered forces to uncover the Invaders’ true identities before it’s too late.

Each turn brings new resources to the table, including weapons, ammunition, and city parts. Players strategically equip themselves with these cards, ready to combat enemies that emerge from the resources. However, suspicions arise as some individuals appear less committed to the cause. Are they simply struggling with limited resources, or are they covert Invaders intent on sabotaging the group?

GIF: They Live: The Card Game Kickstarter

Iconiq Studios has successfully brought the tension and action of John Carpenter’s They Live to the gaming table. By offering an engaging asymmetrical multiplayer experience, the game immerses players in the iconic world. The campaign on Kickstarter continues to thrive, attracting more and more fans.

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