Pictures from the Horizon Zero Dawn the Board Game's Kickstarter campaign.

Horizon Zero Dawn the Board Game Reaches $1,000,000 on Kickstarter

Horizon: Zero Dawn the Board Game is getting closer and closer to becoming the most funded board game of the month. The campaign by Steamforged Games LTD (Dark Souls, Resident Evil 2) has 10 days to beat $2,000,000 collected by Unstable Unicorns.

Wildlife and the Machines

The game takes place in the 31st century, where the civilization has collapsed to ruin. There are only small tribes of people left, while robotic animals, merging Earth’s old fauna with metal and electricity, dominate the planet. Your characters are asked by the Hunter’s Lodge to traverse the wastelands and perform a deadly dangerous task, while managing to survive.

Embarking on a Journey

Horizon Zero Dawn the Board Game uses lots of customizable elements, which add plenty of variety and replayability. The board is made of small square areas, that you put together according to what the set-up cards tell you.

Pictures from the Horizon Zero Dawn the Board Game’s Kickstarter campaign.

The gameplay during your adventure involves deck building, developing your heroes and fighting mechanical monstrosities, classic wargame style. All characters have different playstyles and use a wide variety of weapons. Gameplay encourages cooperation and a single hero’s death is treated as a game over for the whole party. Despite that, the winner is only one, and victory involves gaining the most glory points.

The Power of Minis

One of the strongest aspects of the Horizon Zero Dawn the Board Game is the quality of the PVC miniatures. All of them are insanely detailed, especially all huge monsters. The campaign offers some Kickstarter exclusive beast and human minis as well as additional ones in the form of orderable add-ons.

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