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Homeworld: Fleet Command Board Game Kickstarter Smashes Funding Goal in One Week

Modiphius and Gearbox’s New Board Game Offers Epic Battles and Solo Play in the Homeworld Universe


Modiphius Entertainment and Gearbox Entertainment launched a Kickstarter campaign for Homeworld: Fleet Command. The project has achieved tremendous success within one week. The game features a 10-part campaign with thrilling scenarios that capture the large-scale battles found in the Homeworld series.

Homeworld: Fleet Command features a variety of ships. That helps players build intergalactic fleets and engage in fast-paced battles with up to four players. Solo rules allow for single-player games against a determined opponent. Furthermore, players can combine multiple copies of the game to create even larger fleet battles.

Image: Homeworld Kickstarter

Backers can still pledge for Homeworld: Fleet Command on Kickstarter and enjoy the rewards, including a base game and expansion with new ship models, campaign play, ship upgrades, new game mechanics, and Kickstarter exclusives.

Following the completion of the Kickstarter campaign, Modiphius Entertainment and Gearbox Entertainment plan to release Homeworld: Fleet Command later in 2023. Don’t miss your chance to claim a copy of this exciting new board game capturing the large-scale battles of the Homeworld series while pledge opportunities are still available.

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