Image: Hellbringer Kickstarter
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Hellbringer: The Diablo-Inspired Card and Dice Game Launches on Kickstarter

Les Éditions Smash brings an innovative and immersive experience to the table with their latest creation, Hellbringer

Image: Hellbringer Kickstarter

Les Éditions Smash has launched a new game, Hellbringer, on Kickstarter. Inspired by Blizzard’s popular Diablo games, Hellbringer is a solo-cooperative card and dice game that takes players on a dark fantasy roguelike adventure as they venture into a dungeon to defeat a powerful demon.

The game features a unique perception-based combat system. It requires players to have a perception score equal to or greater than their opponent’s to see and attack them. It also features an all-or-nothing system, which requires players to exceed the total sum of an opponent’s health and armor points to eliminate them.

Image: Hellbringer Kickstarter

In addition, players can progress and optimize their characters through items, enchantments, companions, attribute points, and skills. Eliminating an enemy permanently increases the character’s attributes by using the enemy’s card.
The game offers ten scenarios that players can access in narrated text and audio formats, in addition to a specially designed soundtrack that enhances the immersive experience of the demonic universe.

Hellbringer can be played solo or in cooperative mode. Playing in a group allows players to offer cards to each other, resurrect eliminated players, and create combos using certain cards to increase their teammates’ damage. However, the difficulty level increases with more players.

Image: Hellbringer Kickstarter

The game is available for backing on Kickstarter until March 21, 2023, with pledges starting at CA$65 for the core game. The campaign has a funding goal of CA$26,500. Hellbringer’s unique gameplay mechanics and immersive universe make it a great choice for fans of dark fantasy, roguelike, and card and dice games.

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