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Hard City Makes a Second, Grander Entrance

A Fresh Start

Recently we’re seeing more and more Kickstarter projects that take a break, and come back in full force some time later. Just look at last week’s Mezo. The authors got so many questions about version with cardboard standees, that they took a break, and came back a week later with everything that backers wanted. I love how that turned out. I’m one of the people who prefer waiting more, and getting that extra bit of polish.

Hard City launched on Kickstarter on May 10th. A project made by a bunch of passionate people, including some fresh faces and industry veterans, met with lots of heated discussion and feedback. Authors made a bold decision of postponing the entire project for a few months. Now it’s finally time for them to present their new vision of the game, including everything that fans kept asking for.

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Previously on Hard City

Hard City is a miniature and card based tabletop game, where a bunch of cops fights mutants spawned by the doings of evil Doctor Zero. Each player chooses a character and together they plan their actions to outsmart the greenish menace.

The original was exclusively a “1 vs all” genre game. Players moved through a single board and fulfilled tasks from scenarios. One of them controlled the forces of Zero, and tried to rid the world of our police squad. The storyline was divided into missions and you had to complete them in order.

Variety and Freedom

New version of Hard City underwent plenty of changes, comparing to its predecessor. First of all: instead of asymmetric co-op, players can choose regular co-op mode and solo mode – whichever is more up their alley.

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We no longer play on a single board. The designers have implemented a double-sided modular board system, where players can not only create specific city areas according to the episodes in the scenario book, but also make their own in any way they desire. The box is now actually a proper component of the gameplay. We use it as Zero Corp’s HQ building, which increases the immersiveness of the game.

More Mutants and Munitions

New version of Hard City boasts two new mutant types: Mutated Rats and Armed Mutants, able to shoot bullets at our officers. Both of these will get their own minis and sets of rules. New minis are also planned for the police car and some contraptions crafted by Doctor Zero.

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Players will also be able to get their hands on brand new equipment. Items are now fully described on cards and have their own tokens (instead of just tokens and a sizeable cheat sheet).

Some tokens are now placed on the board tiles at the beginning of each scenario, while others can be dropped by a police helicopter during the course of the game.

Lights, Camera, Action!

hard city tabletop board game from kickstarter 1

Probably the most unique feature of the original game, the Cinematic Cutscenes, is back in much more refined form. First of all: the Cutscene Cards look miles better and are more fun to use. You put them side by side and create a film reel. One new scene is added with each passing turn. Actions from cutscenes are powerful one-use specials for all the officers.

Back in Full Force

The new campaign for Hard City looks really promising. Most of issues were resolved and we should receive a game, that all fans have been asking for. There’s definitely even more value for money than before, and the unique neon-like style, with a dash of 80s TV builds a uniquely alluring atmosphere that I can’t simply get enough of.

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New campaign is planned for October 15th. All day one backers will receive a miniature of Blast the Police Dog for free.

Here’s the campaign draft if you’re curious.

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