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Gwen Gaming Table invites all tabletop players on a journey full of wonders and excitement! [VIDEO]

Geeknson is definitely pulling out all the stops with Gwen Gaming Table. Their newest proposition aimed at avid board game players and tabletop RPG enthusiasts shines very bright on a board gaming landscape and it has just received a promo video showcasing many of the fantastically convenient features of the table including innovative LED lighting, dice towers, card and miniatures holders and many more.  It is not however just a presentation of its features – the video seems to be telling a story and it’s one we have all been often dreaming about.

The video follows four fellow tabletop players enjoying what it seems to be an interesting evening at the table albeit in a peculiar location. However, as they play and have fun the border between the game and reality starts to dissipate rather quickly. Excluding a short pizza break (did you spot the reference? *wink*) – and let us say that even then Gwen looks gorgeous – they slowly forget about the world around them transporting their consciousness into the world of their game completely. The idea here is loud and clear – as it should be – Gwen is a table to so great and so convenient that you very easily forget about any constraints chaining you to the reality and let you fully immerse yourself in the world you’re currently experiencing through either your favourite Board Game or TTRPG campaign.

Gwen Gaming Table is coming to Kickstarter very soon and we have already covered it in two separate articles that you might want to check out here and here. Geeknson is creating a table seemingly for everyone – truly a construction that should unite both fantasy geeks and people looking for a quality table for their kitchen. You can currently follow the campaign on Kickstarter right here.

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