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Gwen Board Game Table – incredible features of the upcoming queen of tabletop gaming

Not that long ago we’ve let you know that Geeknson is working on a new fantastic Gaming & Dining Table which you can already follow by filling out the form presented below. We’ve ended that article talking about the Early Bird benefits and features that haven’t been yet made public. This time we’re happy to shed some additional light on that matter and give you few more reasons why you should be excited for the upcoming Gwen Board Game Table!

Geeknson – quality proven and guaranteed

For those of you who don’t know Geeknson – let us say that we’re super happy to have another reason to talk about their Gaming & Dining Tables as we personally love their tables. Each of their crowdfunding campaigns that happened on Kickstarter and Gamefound that have been successfully concluded was a treat – with various Early Bird rewards and fantastic solutions that should please even the most demanding players Geeknson has solidified themselves as the biggest and most reliable Board Game Table manufacturer in Europe. More than few thousands of their tables have already been delivered and welcomed in their new homes – let that be a testament to their abilities. Board Game Tables created by Geeknson are classy, stylish and functional – doubling as a fantastic dedicated gaming space and dining surface

Make sure to sign up right now and get amazing Early Bird rewards!

Now let us jump into some new information and if you haven’t read our last article about Gwen – make sure to check it out here.

Early Birds are the best birds

Geeknson prides themselves for their amazing Early Birds rewards. As per the well-known saying “early bird catches the worm”, they make sure that the reward you’re getting for being one of the first backers of their project is one to be in awe of. This time they are offering quite a treat – a combination of amazing 360-Degree Lights, Inductive Wireless Charger and a Powerbank. Getting this particular set – absolutely for free – means that you will be saving up to £420!

Receiving so much simply because you’re getting their new table on the first days of the campaign? Well, that surely is not too much to ask for, isn’t it? We definitely do think that this kind of an amazing opportunity deserves our praise! 

See the table for yourself – showrooms in EU and USA!

Some of us however prefer to see and try out the product we spend our money on before we actually decide on doing so and Geeknson is aware of that. They have already been taking their tables to various events and board game conventions around the world just to showcase their wood-working abilities and allow interested players a go at their creations. Gwen Board Game Table will also be a table that you’ll be able to try your hands on before you decide about the purchase!

There will be three designated points where Gwen Board Game Table will be located for that particular purpose. Two of those points located in USA (Noble Knights in Fitchburg, Beverly Hill in Los Angeles), one in Europe (Evesham in United Kingdom) – visiting any of them will give you a chance of finding out exactly how much fun and comfort Geeknson is bringing to the table with Gwen.

Let’s pick it up by ourselves

Geeknson has also been doing their best to locate the best possibilities allowing for reducing the costs of delivery and transportation of their tables and we’re happy to say that their efforts have been rewarded. For Gwen Board Game Table it will be possible to select Low Rate Self Pick-up option on the area of USA (Chicago, Los Angeles, Milford CT) and Europe (Evesham)! This is a great opportunity for everyone who wishes to have the table transported to their house by themselves. The Low Rate will also ensure that this option will remain affordable for everyone getting Gwen!

USA and Europe are also covered by Geeknson’s Team Own Delivery system and you’ll be also able to select that option if you prefer to have the White Glove Assembly and Delivery ensured for your new amazing board game table.

Fast fulfillment ensured  

What is also remarkable for this particular crowdfunding campaign is the speed of deliveries! As relayed by Geeknson first Gwens will leave for their new homes even before Christmas making it an astoundingly fast feat to achieve! This means that if you want to game in style on a completely brand new table Gwen will be the fastest available quality option!

We can’t wait to see the campaign go live already but we know that Geeknson is still not done with us – they are definitely hiding more and you can be sure that we’ll be there to relay more information as soon as they become available. At the current time we highly recommend signing up for the campaign through Geeknson’s form – you definitely don’t want to miss Early Birds benefits!

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