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Get Ready to Battle Ruffians in Townsfolk Tussle, the Exciting Co-Op Game on Kickstarter

Experience the fun and challenging gameplay of this fully cooperative game and help Eureka Springs find a new sheriff

GIF: Townsfolk Tussle Kickstarter

Townsfolk Tussle, a vintage co-op boss battler game, has surpassed its Kickstarter goal of $100,000 by raising over $750,000. The game includes two new expansions called Foul Neighbors and Odd Jobs, as well as a reprint.

The game takes place in Eureka Springs, a town left defenseless after the death of its sheriff. Players must take on the role of townsfolk and defeat a gang of ruffians who are taking advantage of the situation. The game’s unique feature is that it is fully cooperative, meaning players must work together to become the new sheriff.

GIF: Townsfolk Tussle Kickstarter

The game features four unique Ruffians that players must defeat, with each one getting progressively more challenging. To succeed, players will build up their townsfolk with gear, explore Eureka Springs, and come up with unique strategies to take down the hoodlums.

With a plethora of gear, feats, events, and more, each playthrough of the game promises to be different, providing players with endless hours of fun and challenge. If you’re interested in joining the Kickstarter and securing your copy of Townsfolk Tussle, head over to their page now.

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