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Geeknson’s Revolutionary Giveaway – Get BRISTOL Board Game Table Before The Kickstarter Campaign

Many of our readers and board game enthusiasts who stay up to date with Kickstarter must have already heard about Geeknson. This UK based company is getting quite a reputation for their board game tables. Thousands of them are already in homes of thousands avid players all over the globe. Last year, Geeknson had 2 successful campaigns and their next project is already on the horizon. 

BRISTOL Board Game Table family will offer a choice of new tables with different shapes, sizes and modular Pro accessories. Before the campaign launches, everyone can take part in a special giveaway and one lucky person will win the new table before April 14th.

Let’s talk about the team and what they have in store for us this time

22 Years and Counting

The team at Geeknson is made of seasoned, veteran crafters, who have been working in their field for 22 years straight. A major part of this period was spent building hardwood tables, chairs and accessories designed with playing board games in mind. Europe has a long history of creating top notch quality oaken hardwood furniture, especially during the past 400 years

Each project by Geeknson uses tons of popular ideas from older campaigns, while introducing plenty of new ones. The newest campaign is supposedly going to include tons of never before seen stuff, crafted to make playing board games even more enjoyable. Which brings us to…

Modular Pro Accessories

This time, Geeknson is using a new concept based on magnetic elements. The tables have magnets hidden under each corner of the inner gaming vault, thus creating 4 magnetic zones that can hold many types of accessories still.

To make full use of the feature, the team has created a whole line of add-ons which are attachable to these places: from counter holders to deck-holding boxes and a dice tower. These accessories are either triangular or rectangular and can be connected together thanks to magnets. Want a specific setup to make your favourite game play faster? You can arrange them in any way you want and create a shape perfect for its mechanics and components.

New Levels of Protection

Geeknson is quite known for their game protecting solutions. Especially the wooden leaf system where a number of planks is used to fully cover a game located in the lower part of the table („gaming vault”). Owners can then place plates and food on the leaves to eat a meal above, while the game remains saved below. 

No matter what you eat, your boards, cards and minis are safe since all leaves are waterproof and connected in a way that prevents anything from spilling below. In the case of BRISTOL Board Game Table, the leaves are additionally connected with magnets to add a new level of safety.

Where do you put these leaves when you want to go back to your game? Well, there’s a new solution here as well. Previous tables required putting the leaves in a separate storage box but this time, they can be easily hidden right below the table, so they don’t clutter your room.

Immersion Thanks to Technology

New layers of atmosphere are always welcome not only in board games but also when you’re playing pen & paper RPGs. Which BRISTOL Board Game Table’s features can help you here?

First comes the LED lighting system, that can be installed in the gaming vault under a certain angle which guarantees that it will illuminate the table without blinding your eyes. Want more immersion? Use the new wireless chargers and boot your phone to play atmospheric music from your preferred app or Youtube. An USB option is also available.

Since we’re talking about RPGs, BRISTOL Board Game Table has an attachable Pro GM Station. It consists of a long and flat surface with 2 magnetic areas to attach things like a dice tower or a dice holder. Additionally, Geeknson has designed a magnet based, wooden screen perfect for any game master.

Even More Features

What else is here? The Pro Card Rail will be installed into each table as soon as the campaign reaches its first stretch goal. It allows placing cards in a row and frees your hands. Additionally seeing them all next to each other is often helpful when devising a strategy. 

Cup and wine glass holders are also available as add-ons that keep drinks safe and away from the gaming vault. Counter holders with new, plastic dividers make games with many types of meeples easier to grasp.

The Pro Table Divider works as a single wooden leaf that divides the vault into 2 parts: perfect to play 2 games at once or… organize a CCG tournament. The vault itself is also worth mentioning separately as backers will be able to choose their inset colour. The inset works like a soft flooring that makes picking cards up easier. There will also be an option to cover it with a transparent, acrylic layer that can be used to place boards and maps below it and use a marker to draw over them. It also offers an additional layer of protection.

Win the BRISTOL Board Game Table Before the Kickstarter

Geeknson’s newest table family will appear on Kickstarter on April 14th. Backers will get the option to pick a size and shape that fits their preferences. If you want more features and add-ons you can either add them during the campaign or upgrade your basic table when you already have it.

The company has also prepared a huge surprise for all their fans. You can take part in one of a kind giveaway. The winner will be able to get their hands on a free, complete BRISTOL Board Game table, right when they start shipping. You can take part in it by clicking the link below. Winner will be announced on April 14th via a special stream, followed by the launch of the campaign on the very same day.

How to Enter The Giveaway?

  1. Mention a friend who would enjoy BRISTOL Board Game Table on the Facebook post here LINK.
  2. Sign up for the campaign’s newsletter here:

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Geeknson’s Revolutionary Giveaway

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