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Change your board gaming life with Geeknson’s Megan Board Game Table!

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We are all passionate about our board gaming hobby – we all know that playing board games is fun and exciting, we all love those unique moments that we all share when we gather around a new just purchased game or perhaps when we bring out the trusted companion to many years of sleepless gaming nights. Our passion for gaming is apparent and does not need additional explanation or highlighting – however what it does need is a proper space that would accommodate all of our gaming needs. And oh boy, those can be varied – some of us love to game with a favorite beverage right next to them, others can’t imagine playing without their phones and trusty app companions.

Some of us hate to pick up cards from a flat surface of a kitchen table while others would love to have some convenient way of seeing all of the cards they currently haphazardly hold in their hand. It’s no wonder that developers such as Geeknson come up with a plethora of great ideas regarding the place where all our gaming happens – the table itself. Let’s take a look at one particular table they offer that can potentially change our gaming lives – Megan Board Game Table

Let’s start with the artillery for big boys and girls – Megan Wing

Megan Wing is a fantastic choice for all people who love grand War/Battle Games where armies consisting of many variously shaped and sized units face each other to prove their tactical superiority. Megan Wing is the biggest variation of this particular table and it’s going to be a dream table for all the tacticians dying to have giant battles and skirmishes happen in the quietness and comfort of their own houses. This table will allow you to comfortably host a few armies and create the scenery and terrain of a satisfying size with no compromises.

The deep gaming vault of Megan Wing will at the same time allow you to pause and resume all of your other board gaming endeavors with next to no effort needed – simply slide the table leaves in their places when you want to pause the game and go about any other business – not only play your war game sessions but also have a great dinner or simply use the space for work related projects!

Megan X – equipped with a true X factor!

This one is a true display of the modern approach to gaming and dining! A table that can serve as a coffee and dining table preserving the convenience and features of both types of furniture? That is simply astonishing and it’s all because of its unique leg system that allows for seamless transformation depending on your needs at the given moment. Imagine yourself having a lazy moment on a sunny Saturday – only you, your favorite book and a cup of coffee or tea… Then suddenly fun-hungry players start to amass at your door ready to do anything simply for a bit of board gaming fun. No worries, you’re ready for them – quickly change your coffee table into a board game table with higher legs. Now the fun can truly begin!

With a wide set of various accessories available for all Megan tables you can also quickly ensure that each of your players will have enough space and comfort to never utter a single complaint ever! Geeknson designed Megan for all types of players to have fun with their creation – even cats as shown on the picture above! While dedicated cat holder might not be essentially required for all players you will find many more attractive features that will quickly win you over – like for example PRO Fabric Gaming Inset that will ensure all kinds of pleasant touchy vibes while maintaining the overall ease of use and the additional option of literally elevating your playing space higher due to PRO Inset Elevator! Or perhaps you’re interested in some Quality of Life add-ons like the cup holders to ensure that you won’t spill your juice over the precious game elements? Of course, you can get those too!

Megan Board Game Table – The Golden Standard of gaming/dining tables!

The regular version of Megan Board Game Table comes in two variations depending on the size of your gaming group – the larger one will be able to comfortably accommodate even up to 8 players! This is the version of Megan that is favored by both vivid fans of board games as well as tabletop RPG players – not without a good reason! This is a very durable and solid table made out of a minimum of 100-year-old European oak trees able to withstand both moments of glory and despair of your players! With different types of finish options for the table you can make sure that you’re getting a table fitting exactly your room to maintain the right atmosphere in your gaming area. And we all know how important the atmosphere is!

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If you’re playing board games you will definitely value the PRO Card Rail feature of the table allowing you to safely display and view your cards without straining your hands trying to hold all of them! It also keeps the cards safe and out of harm’s way – a real game changer to say the least! And if you’re an RPG fan you can take advantage of add-ons like D&D benches to create more space and comfort for both players and your DM! Character sheets, dice towers and trays can be safely used on the table and you will never have to worry about the dice falling off it!

And for the hex lovers – Megan Hex!

Geeknson remembered about people who are searching for unusual solutions too – their Megan Hex is a particularly interesting design featuring a Hexagonal table in two different sizes. Particularly fancied by groups consisting of 6 people, Megan Hex allows everyone to feel on the same footing and gives an unique perspective when playing your favorite board games. Hexagonal tables are also a great option for people of all abilities as they generally are thought of as having easier access.

And of course Megan Hex is also compatible with a variety of accessories available for all Geeknson’s tables. Equip it with additonal wireless chargers, USB ports or an additonal counter leaf to acquire more space for token storage. All of the tables serve great as dining tables too with fantastic table leaves equipped with Keep Dry System designed to make sure that anything below the leaves remains dry and safe no matter what happens on the leaves surface. Let the inferno begin!

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Remember to use Promo Code GNS-KickAgency-5 to get 5% discount for your order!

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