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Geeknson’s Bristol Plus Board Game Table – Best on the Market?

Geeknson is a company well known for developing amazing high-quality board game tables – in fact they’re the second largest board game table development company in the world! They’ve already been recognized for selling and delivering over 4000 tables to their crowdfunding backers! In recent years they’ve launched several interesting campaigns on Kickstarter landing them amongst 100 most popular projects on the platform. One of them featured Bristol Board Game Table – one of the most versatile and comfortable tables on the market. Currently Geeknson is working on their new addition to the line-up – Bristol Plus Board Game Table featuring all the convenience of regular Bristol but now with stylish wooden legsthe crowdfunding campaign is coming very soon!

Bristol Plus is a result of what happens when a dedicated team of specialists heeds the feedback and opinions of their customers. Keep in mind that Geeknson is a very experienced developer – they’ve already created 5 different board game table projects on Kickstarter! One of the most important matters for the company was to find a way to reduce the shipping cost for their tables. What makes them so exceptional – aside from manufacturing great tables – is the fact that they provide their very own Geeknson Door to Door Delivery making it absolutely certain that your table will be handled by caring and attentive drivers. Keep in mind that they’re the only company that offers their own delivery and installation of their tables!

Changing metal table legs for wooden equivalents was made to facilitate two main goals – make the shipping cheaper and allow all customers to have an additional customization option for the table. In addition to that Geeknsonis also looking into providing their customers with new accessories during their upcoming crowdfunding campaign for Bristol Plus Board Game Table – that means an even higher degree of customization available for the table! 

Let’s review what made the original Bristol so successful and changed the lives of many board game players for so much better! 

The elegance of Bristol Plus Board Game Table

We love all kinds of board games – that is probably not a surprise. We spent our free time fussing over the right strategy for our tactical games or the importance of building our character right during the RPG sessions. We experience and live through many, many, many adventures that both board games and tabletop RPG games provide and we love every moment that comes by thanks to them. However, do we all realize that there is one very important factor that can change the way we play and improve them significantly? It is the difference between having and not having a dedicated board game table – a table just like Bristol Board Game Table created by Geeknson that strives to make your life as a player so much more fun.             

Bristol Board Game Table is a very unique and well-designed table – it’s a table that was created to adhere to any gameplay preference, to answer all modern board gaming needs and to enhance your tabletop RPG sessions while at the same time giving you a chance to pause the game at any moment – for instance when the ordered pizza has just arrived. Bristol enhances practically every segment of our hobby and takes care of board game-adjacent needs too!

The makings of truly royal experience

But what exactly makes Bristol so impressive?

First of all it’s a great table, doubling as a dining table, which comes with a variety of features – designed by people and for people who share similar hobbies. Bristol boasts a very functional vault where you’ll be able to set up any of your games while ensuring the right degree of visibility for all players sitting at the table. This particular vault has been made with different preferences in mind resulting in the inclusion of Pro Inset Elevator allowing for customization of the depth of the table with ease!

Customization in general seems to be the name of the game for Geeknson as they’ve made sure to present their customers with various material options available for the table itself – giving them the choice between options such as Walnut Stain or Natural Oil type of finish (among others). This in turn means that Bristol will fit in all houses and will never look out of place! There are even various possible surface colors for you to choose from – be it red, blue, grey or black! Clearly, Geeknson tries to cover all corners – making sure it’s a technologically advanced piece of furniture while staying true to the traditional values. And that is still not all! Something extra is always created for each of their tables and in case of Bristol it’s The Magnetic Table Corners! Hah, I’ve said that they’re covering all corners, right?

Geeknson Board Game Table | QUESTOWER Ads Sytsem

Pulling you in with magnetic force          

The Magnetic Table Corners that Geeknson introduced in Bristol are there to expand your gaming options with a variety of accessories that will help you get comfortable when playing your favorite board games. Geeknson has already been doing a lot to maximize the usable surface area – magnetic corners are a next big step in that direction. The magnets are hidden in the table’s frame so they are not visible from outside and thus you don’t have to worry about them sticking from unexpected places, yet they create a plethora of opportunities for all board game players and you can get many different add-ons to make sure you use them to their fullest potential! When you put a tray in the corner you will be able to use it in combination with an acrylic counter divider, acrylic bins or triangle counter holders.  It will surely result in making your gaming more organized, convenient and fun!

Other features of Bristol Plus Board Game Table          

There are many add-ons for Bristol Board Game Table making it a very versatile choice. You can equip your table with many add-ons including:

·         Additional acrylic bins

·         Player boards, dice towers

·         GM platforms

·         Acrylic screens

·         Wireless USB chargers

·         Remote controlled RGB lighting

·         Extra acrylic layer for your table surface area

·         Strake board  

·         Counter station

Those two last ones are particularly interesting – the strake board will allow you to use only a part of the table while leaving the rest of it comfortably hidden under the table leaves designed to be absolutely water-proof. This way you can play some of the less space-exhaustive games and still have a place for other objects on the table. Last but not least you can use the counter station to divide your table in two parts – creating a space for two different board games or perhaps for a tournament that you always wanted to organize. It’s just so convenient!

In the eye of reviewers

Bristol Board Game Table has also been received very positively by different reviewers. The table was praised for high degree of modularity and customization. High praise was also received by the inset prepared by Geeknson team for the table. It was even compared to high-class Poker tables from the best casinos! No Rolls Barred also commented like this on Bristol features:

That is the whole point of The Bristol – it’s all about modularity. It’s all about creating your own sort of gaming setup and providing you with very easy tools that kind of all slot together in order to make the perfect board game landscape”.

Watch more from No Rolls Barred below:

Brettspielgeeks – Brettspiele also covered Geeknson’s Bristol Board Game Table in one of his videos. Below you’ll be able to see for yourself as he happily arranges the vast area of gaming surface provided by the table itself to fit his exact needs. 

I’m very satisfied with the table (…), the table is bigger and feels really nice. I’m already satisfied and there are also extra features like chargers for your phones and the LED lighting!” 

 Make sure to check out his video below – keep in mind it’s in German! 

Bristol Board Game Table by Geeknson is a terrific choice and soon it’s going to get even better. As we’ve said previously Geeknson is working on an enhanced version of Bristol called Bristol Plus Board Game Table which will feature wooden legs – something that currently is not available as Bristol instead comes with metal frame variants. The company understands the wishes of their customers and as they’ve been asked for such a change they’re glad to comply. We are sure that Bristol Plus is going to be an amazing table and frankly speaking – we cannot wait to play some of the great games we know on its surface!

Keep your eyes open for the Bristol Plus Board Game Table Crowdfunding Campaign on

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