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Fuji Koro – Dungeon Crawlers Meet Euro and Volcanoes

Fuji Koro is a game where players take on the roles of brave samurai sent by the shogun to restore artifacts hidden within the volcano, that’s supposed to shoot out an ocean of lava in a matter of moments. The situation on the board is on fire, and so is the situation on Kickstarter, as the game keeps having plenty of success.

A beautiful game…

Fuji Koro charms people with its design right away. First: the person responsible for illustrations is Miguel Coimbra, known for 7 Wonders, Cyclades, The Others and many, many more. Second: the huge box is filled to the brim with elements such as miniatures of samurai and most importantly… dragons! That’s right, if we’re dealing with a mountain and treasures, the dragons simply had to make an appearance!

Apart from all that, we’re getting tons of cardboard and wood, as well as cards and dice. Thanks to some unlocked stretch goals, the quality of the box is going to be top notch, and the game looks incredible on the table. All elements come together as an unbelievably attractive whole, but do they also create a game worth your attention?

… with beautiful mechanics?

Fuji Koro sports 2 gameplay modes: “competitive” for 2-6 players and “cooperative” for 1-6 players. Each has us perform 2 out of 4 available actions every turn: exploring, moving, gathering or resting. With these actions we’ll traverse the underground corridors under Mt. Fuji and run for it when the volcano is about to erupt. You’ll have to take all the valuables you can find: holy armors, magical item schematics, precious resources. All of that: under the pressure of time, other players (in competitive mode) and… dragons guarding the treasures.

The first phase of the game lasts until a player earns 30 points. That’s when the escape from the lava begins. Players will have 8 turns to run away with their caches, so they can earn their precious points.

During the course of the game we will develop our samurai by creating items and weapons, that increase stats and abilities. Points can be gained in a variety of ways, and dividing the game into 2 parts gives it lots of dynamism and tension.

Fuji Koro is an interesting merger of a dungeon crawler (modular board traversed by heroes, fighting dragons, collecting items) with a typical euro game (action discs, gathering and turning resources into items and points).


The Kickstarter campaign will last until April 19th. Game Brewer has managed to collect $200.000 so far, topping the initial goal by a huge margin. Thanks to that the game got enriched with additional elements and we’re still getting new bonuses.

The Deluxe version with miniatures is priced at $111. For $130 you can get it with a playmat, that replaces the board. The games should get shipped in December 2019.

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