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Frolix Launches NAVKAKRI, a High-Tech Upgrade to Nine Men’s Morris Board Game

The innovative NAVKAKRI combines classic gameplay with modern technology for a unique gaming experience

GIF: NAVKAKRI Kickstarter

Frolix, a game development company, has launched its latest project, NAVKAKRI, on Kickstarter. It’s an upgraded version of the classic Nine Men’s Morris game. With modern technology and unique features, NAVKAKRI provides a new level of gaming experience to players.

NAVKAKRI combines the ancient game of Nine Men’s Morris, also known as Mill or Windmill, with modern technology. This combination provides an innovative gaming experience. The game challenges players to use their strategic skills and move their pieces to compete against each other.

GIF: NAVKAKRI Kickstarter

Unlike games that rely on chance, NAVKAKRI is solely based on strategic decision-making. Furthermore, the game’s grid is equipped with a series of magnetic sensors and uses a SmartAssist algorithm, which tracks every move of pieces and provides real-time visual assistance. The SmartAssist-equipped grid tracks each piece of both players, detects the formed mills, and highlights the mills with green color and sound, while simultaneously highlighting the opponent’s pieces in red.

NAVKAKRI offers a high level of convenience with its built-in rechargeable battery, allowing players to enjoy the game without clumsy cables. The battery can be quickly charged with a USB Type-C charger, making it effortless to keep the game powered up and ready to play. The board also features a Power LED that clearly indicates the battery level and charging status.

GIF: NAVKAKRI Kickstarter

NAVKAKRI Kickstarter has already surpassed its initial funding goal of CA$9,500, with current funding reaching CA$31,200. Backers can still pledge to receive the game at a discounted price before it hits retail. With its modern technology and unique features, NAVKAKRI is an excellent addition to any board game collection.

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