Foreo UFO – a First Intelligent Facial Care Mask

Year 2013. Foreo, a Swedish brand from the personal care sector, enters the market. Their own face cleaning brush called Luna quickly becomes a hit in sales. Brand’s offer expands adding new accessories for mouth and facial care as well as massagers and cosmetics. Five years later the company introduces their next heavy hitter and on January 8th they finally hit Kickstarter, showing their revolutionary Foreo UFO facemask to the world.

New Technologies For Beautiful Complexion

Foreo UFO is a tiny and interesting looking accessory which allows the user to perform professional cosmetic treatments at home. How does it work? Just attach a suitable cloth mask and pick a mode from the smartphone application’s menu. Here’s where the UFO really shines. It offers warming thermotherapy (opening skin pores), cryotherapy (hastens shrinking of pores, minimizes risk of inflammation) and T-Sonic pulsations (technology patented by Foreo which increases the absorption of nutritional minerals from confections and offers a relaxing massage). There’s also a colotherapy function possible thanks to a special LED module.

Foreo UFO

Moreover, thanks to being made from medical silicon, Foreo UFO is entirely waterproof. This makes performing treatments on your own easier. Each unit also has a two year long warranty period.

Healthful Treatment in Just 90 Seconds

To unleash the full potential of UFO you’re going to need a set of compatible masks. In the campaign, Foreo presented a two of these. “Make My Day Mask” contains hyaluronic acid and algae extract which moisturize skin and keep it clean. “Call it a Night”, based on ginseng and olive oil, revitalizes skin and breathes new life into it.


Both masks have dedicated operating modes in the device itself, allowing to make full use of their capabilities. To conduct such treatment with full effectiveness you need only 90 seconds of time. Comparing to masks, that have to be placed on your face for over 10 minutes, it sounds incredible.

UFO Mini or UFO

There are two models of Foreo UFO currently available on Kickstarter. For 179 USD you can get an UFO Mini which lacks the cryotherapy functionality. In this case compatibility with future smart masks is not guaranteed. The regular UFO version allows for that, but costs additional 100 dollars. To compensate for this difference you also get a bigger supply of masks.

This is how Foreo mini looks like

Stellar Success

Creators of the campaign have prepared lots of pledging options making picking the perfect version so much easier. There are also special sets available, which include various accessories produced by Foreo. Limited pledges are definitely worth mentioning. Ones surpassing 2000 USD get you a Foreo UFO and a yearly supply of masks. At the moment 95 out of hundred sets have been sold.

Brand awareness, innovativeness of the product and the diversity of pledges had a visible effect on the campaign’s launch. One million dollar goalpost got surpassed in just 5 days.

UFO: Beauty Tech Revolutionizes Face Masks in 90 Seconds! -- Kicktraq Mini

First Foreo UFO masks will get to backers in April 2018.

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