Image: FIE, I SAY! Kickstarter
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FIE, I SAY! Kickstarter Campaign Launched for Humorous RPG

Tim Snider, Creator of TimeMaster and Toon Games, Brings Comedy-Fantasy-Parody Game to Kickstarter

Image: FIE, I SAY! Kickstarter

Renowned game designer Tim Snider has launched a Kickstarter campaign for his latest creation, FIE, I SAY!, a comedic RPG that parodies Old School Fantasy RPGs. The game encourages players to embark on madcap adventures, where the characters are out of their league, the villains are out of patience, and the players are likely out of their minds.

Snider is known for his great sense of humor in gaming, and FIE, I SAY! is no exception. The game is based on classic D6 RPG systems, where players roll some six-siders and try to beat a difficulty number based on the difficulty of the task at hand.

Every player character in FIE, I SAY! has four attributes that represent their core abilities: strength, dexterity, intelligence, and charisma. Each attribute also has a specific skill that the character has trained in. Players roll as many dice as their attribute/skill score and try to beat the difficulty number set by the Dice Meister or DM. The higher the score, the more dice they roll, increasing their odds of succeeding.

Image: FIE, I SAY! Kickstarter

FIE, I SAY! Kickstarter campaign offers a PDF plus POD at cost for the $7 pledge. The game is a light-hearted parody of Old School Fantasy RPGs that will keep players entertained and laughing throughout their adventures.

Snider’s previous games, TimeMaster and Toon, have been popular with NTRPG Con attendees, and his comedic timing is second to none. With FIE, I SAY!, Snider hopes to continue entertaining gamers with his unique blend of humor and gaming expertise.

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