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Exciting New Life-Sized Kids Board Game Experience

Discover the latest supersized immersive game featuring a life-sized dungeon and exciting gameplay mechanics.


The board game community is excited about the launch of a larger-than-life board game for kids on Kickstarter. “The Quest Kids: Giant Adventure” promises children 5+ an unforgettable fantasy experience.

Created by a publisher and developer who reached out on Facebook to see if anyone would like to review their Kickstarter game, “The Quest Kids,” the new game use mechanics of the original game and creates a life-sized adventure that can be played in the comfort of a child’s own home. With 36 giant cardboard tiles, players will create a dungeon and act as classical game pieces.


According to the blurb provided by the developer, the game will be a “one-of-a-kind immersive experience”. Furthermore, the game will feature the same award-winning mechanics as “The Quest Kids” board game. The campaign launched on March 7 and has already surpassed its goal.

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