Image: The Legendary Bundle Kickstarter
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Evil Genius Games Launches Legendary Bundle Kickstarter for Cinematic Tabletop RPG Adventures

Embark on Epic Adventures in Kong: Skull Island and Pacific Rim Universes

Evil Genius Games has unveiled an exciting new Kickstarter project that is sure to ignite the enthusiasm of tabletop RPG enthusiasts. The Legendary Bundle offers two thrilling adventure paths set in the beloved worlds of Kong: Skull Island and Pacific Rim. With their signature modernized d20 roleplaying system, Evil Genius Games introduces Cinematic Adventure Paths (CAPs) that guide players through long-form campaigns, delivering hours of exhilarating gameplay and expanding the lore of these beloved franchises.

Image: The Legendary Bundle Kickstarter

In “Kong: Skull Island – Isle of the Damned,” is set a few years after the events of the film. Players team up with Mason Weaver and James Conrad to uncover government cover-ups and unveil the truth about the island. As they navigate the treacherous terrain, players encounter dangers, mysteries, and more. The adventure promises heart-pumping action and new revelations, also offering an immersive experience that brings Skull Island to life.

Image: The Legendary Bundle Kickstarter

Meanwhile, in “Pacific Rim: Dominion of Iron,” players step into the shoes of heroic Jaeger pilots. Graduating from the prestigious Jaeger Academy, they face the daunting task of fighting against two terrifying Kaiju monsters. Beyond combat, players must navigate the complex world of politics and convince three powerful nations to unite. With the opportunity to explore the dark underbelly of the Kaiju bio-salvage and Jaeger-tech worlds, players uncover secrets and strengthen their Jaegers for the ultimate showdown.

Each Cinematic Adventure Path comes with a Bestiary packed with monsters, beautifully illustrated and described, along with additional resources. The Kickstarter campaign offers the Everyday Heroes™ Core Rulebook, providing the necessary rules to play.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of these epic adventures. Join the Kickstarter campaign for the Legendary Bundle and immerse yourself in the thrilling worlds of Kong: Skull Island and Pacific Rim.

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