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The Everrain Tabletop Game Coming to Kickstarter in October

New Board Game Coming to Kickstarter in October 2018

October is shaping up to be one of the most exciting months we’ve had in a while. There are some big campaigns and plenty of hidden-gem surprises coming. One of the titles, that seem to have lots of potential is The Everrain. It was created by Grimlord Games, whom you may know from Village Attacks and Endure the Stars. So far their games were funded high and really well reviewed. Will the new one match their successes? After reading and seeing some of the early materials, we believe it will.

The Seas Rise

everrain board game coming to kickstarter 2

The world where The Everrain takes place is being slowly led to ruin by a mysterious cataclysm. The rain began to fall a few years ago and hasn’t stopped ever since. Oceans are slowly rising and even the common people realize, that their days are numbered, and that the dark waters will consume them all. As it turns out, that the calamity is not a natural disaster but the effect of old, forgotten gods getting angry at humanity. They want to cover the entire world with sea, and the only people, who can stop them, belong to your crew.

What We Know About the Gameplay

The game, just like the previous titles by Grimlord Games, focuses on cooperative play for up to 4 players, with a proper solo mode available as well. Each player controls one crew, and recruits new members while traversing the deadly seas.

everrain board game coming to kickstarter 5

Your crewmen belong to all sorts of trades and each of them is represented by a miniature. We have for example, a surgeon who’ll tend to the wounds of your mates, a navigator who’ll help in planning your travels and the academic with passion for researching old gods.

everrain board game coming to kickstarter 3
The surgeon

Just like in some of more recent board games, the play area is constructed from small terrain tiles, put together in a random manner. This takes the replayability up a few notches and makes the game much more unpredictable. Your crew will travel through these, explore them and complete various tasks, while growing in numbers and gaining more experience.

Art of Everrain

The art from previews is what makes us excited the most right now. From what we’ve seen, the miniatures are going to be on a really incredible level of detail. Spawns of old gods look scary and disturbing, while your potential crew members boast tons of personality.

everrain board game coming to kickstarter 4

The campaign for Everrain is planned for launch in October 2018. Expect more info after it launches.

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