Image: 5E Magic Item Cards Kickstarter
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Eventyr Games Launches Kickstarter Campaign for 5E Magic Item Cards

Campaign Surpasses Initial Goal, Offering Immersive Magic Item Handouts for 5E System Reference Document

Eventyr Games has recently unveiled their latest product, the 5E Magic Item Cards, through a Kickstarter campaign. Surpassing its initial goal of €1,500, the campaign has already amassed an impressive total of €28,000. The 5E Magic Item Cards consist of a meticulously crafted set of 300 beautifully illustrated handouts, representing each magic item in the 5E System Reference Document (SRD).

Image: 5E Magic Item Cards Kickstarter

Players yearn for enchantment and wonder when it comes to magic items. Upon discovering a new treasure, there’s an inherent spark of curiosity and excitement. What is it? How does it appear? What powers does it possess? Sadly, this excitement often dwindles as the magic item becomes a hastily scribbled note on the player’s character sheet.

With the inclusion of exquisitely illustrated card handouts for every magic item in the 5E SRD, players can genuinely experience the sensation of uncovering a magical treasure. They can visually witness the item’s appearance and have its complete description readily available. With this, there is no more tedious flipping through the Dungeon Master’s Guide to recall the effects of some item.

In essence, the 5E Magic Item Cards facilitate a smoother, more immersive experience with magic items for all players at the table.

By pledging to support the campaign, backers gain access to the comprehensive set of 300 high-quality magic item card handouts. These are available in both digital formats for convenient printing and as double-sided, full-color trading-card-sized cards (2.5 x 3.5 inches). In fact, backers have the option to receive both formats, providing ultimate flexibility and convenience.

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