Why “Drip” – 3 Questions and 3 Answers

If you’re following our blog you have probably heard about Drip – a site for creative minds helmed by Kickstarter. Thanks to its existence users from all over the world can support their favourite artists and creators through subscriptions. In exchange, apart from official materials, they receive additional never-before-seen exclusive content. They also gain the ability to participate in special events.

How does this form of cooperation work? Let’s check out with the help of 3 different projects.

Richard Herring – Welcome to the World of Unrefined Jokes

Defiant sense of humour. That’s the signature of Richard Herringwho was dubbed “one of the leading hidden masters of modern British comedy” by The British Theatre Guide. The artist, known mostly for his stand-up acts as well as TV and radio programmes, is one of the earliest members of Drip. Currently he can boast a whopping 1125 subscribers who support him monthly with a total of 3423 GBP.


Herring’s activity on the website focuses on developing his own podcasts. Collected money is used not only to finance new recordings but also to perfect the entire formula. What do the subscribers get? Subscription opens the door to the artist’s own world. Access to behind the scenes materials, Q&A sessions, stand-up recordings and monthly raffle for gadgets related to the comedian. For fans of Herring (or his unique sense of humour) it’s a real treat.

Why Drip? Because it makes building long term relations easier.

RiffTrax – Ups and Downs of Creative Process

Serving as faces (or rather “voices”) of RiffTrax Mike, Kevin and Bill gained popularity thanks to their funny movie commentaries. All three men keep “improving” both low budget productions and Hollywood blockbusters. Thanks to Kickstarter, the effects of their work can be shown off not only on the Internet but also on their live performances. On Drip they’re supported by a total of 5730 USD pledged by 1861 subscribers.


In exchange RiffTrax fans can count on archival materials and behind-the-stage recordings. The most interesting content award easily goes to the materials describing entire creative process such as original plans, conceptual graphics, notes etc. Some of the subscribers have a chance to take part in organizing RiffTrax LIVE shows.

Why Drip? Because it allows viewers to delve into the depths of creative process.

Mike Rugnetta – Many Forms, One Drip

mike rugnetta drip

Mike Rugnetta calls himself a person who “creates internet things”. His portfolio is truly immense and contains podcasts, musical pieces, computer programs (including some for composing music), recordings, speeches and some literary forms. Is there a way to effectively manage such diverse content? According to Rugnetta there is and it’s called Drip. Through the website he can not only publish various materials but also discuss them with his audience. In this case  subscribing is tied to actively partaking in the creative process. As of now Rugnetta is supported by 810 USD monthly thanks to his 159 subscribers.

Why Drip? Because it bets on unrestrained development. Each creator can redirect all data to another crowdfunding website.


If we managed to get you interested in projects presented on Drip feel free to reach us by mail or through FB. We will cook up yet another article about these.

If Drip got you curious, please rememeber that open registration is available only during early months of 2018.


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