Image: Heavy Gear Roleplaying Game Kickstarter
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Dream Pod 9 Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Heavy Gear Roleplaying Game Fourth Edition

The popular science fiction franchise seeks funding for the development of a roleplaying game with a focus on storytelling

Image: Heavy Gear Roleplaying Game Kickstarter

The Canadian gaming company, Dream Pod 9, known for its Heavy Gear franchise, has initiated a Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of the Heavy Gear Roleplaying Game Fourth Edition. The campaign’s initial goal was set at CA$ 40,000, but it has already raised over CA$ 74,000.

About the game

Heavy Gear is a science fiction franchise that was first introduced as a roleplaying game in 1995 by Dream Pod 9. It has since grown to include the Heavy Gear Blitz tabletop wargame and a vast collection of pewter, resin, and plastic miniatures. The game’s focus on geo-political landscapes, interpersonal drama, and politics within nations makes it unique. Heavy Gear is set in the 62nd century when humanity expanded to nine colonies. The story takes place on Terra Nova, a hot, resource-rich world with numerous city-states that are members of different leagues. These leagues have a deep-seated rivalry, which leads to wars and conflict. In response to Earth’s invasion, the people of Terra Nova must join forces once again to defeat their invaders.

What about Kickstarter?

Image: Heavy Gear Roleplaying Game Kickstarter

Dream Pod 9 has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the development of the Heavy Gear Roleplaying Game Fourth Edition. The rulebook is complete, with 480 pages, and includes everything players and gamemasters need to play the game. The Kickstarter campaign aims to raise funds for new artwork and to pay for the work done so far. The new edition combines elements of the beloved 2nd Edition with a modern approach to present Heavy Gear to a new audience. The game focuses heavily on roleplaying and storytelling, with a crunchy combat system. Furthermore, the Silhouette d6 system has been updated, allowing for more diverse gameplay. The players can customize their character and their gear. Additionally, the 4th Edition includes a conversion system that allows players to use their existing 1st or 2nd Edition sourcebooks or the new Revitalized ebook versions.

Finally, backers can choose different reward levels, including a digital copy of the rulebook or physical soft and hardcover books. The Kickstarter campaign also offers new adventure modules grouped in bundles called “seasons”. This edition covers major events in the Heavy Gear Universe. Each adventure includes new vehicles, special rules, characters, and character options for use in that adventure. With the campaign’s success so far, fans of the Heavy Gear franchise can look forward to new and exciting additions to their favorite game.

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