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Cavemen, Gamepads and Frozen London – Upcoming Fall Board Games 2019

Don’t Let It Die, Divide et Impera, The Legend of Drimek

Ready to hear about some new board games coming to KS in October and November? We’ve received plenty of submissions this week, so enjoy a new batch of projects ranging from unique indies to pretty big creator comebacks. Enjoy!

Don’t Let It Die – October 22nd

Don’t Let It Die. Trademarks and visuals belong to their rightful owners.

If this one doesn’t look indie then I don’t know what does. The visuals are obviously inspired by video games like Terraria. Story depicts one of the most important moments of history – humans discovering how to start their own fire.

Don’t Let It Die is a co-op card game aimed at 1 to 4 players. The goal may sound simple. Your tribe has witnessed a lightning striking a tree and now wants to keep the fire alive. At least until they figure out how to start their own. 

Don’t Let It Die. Trademarks and visuals belong to their rightful owners.

There are 17 characters to choose from, and each of them has a personal set of unique abilities. If you play around with team compositions, the replayability should be really high. Especially considering the game has 4 different “fire knowledge trees”, each with its own difficulty. Gameplay consists of collecting resources, crafting items, constructing weapons, building structures and making new discoveries

Don’t Let It Die looks like fun little game with lots of replay value. The Kickstarter campaign is planned for October 22nd. You can read more on the official website and blog here.

Divide et Impera – November 5th

Divide et Impera. Trademarks and visuals belong to their rightful owners.

Remember Ludus Magnus Studio? The studio responsible for Black Rose Wars and its huge success last year. Now they seem to be back on Kickstarter after their Dungeonology campaign and this time, instead of magical universities they’ll take us to… London. But it’s a different London than we’re used to. A calamity called The New Ice Age has struck our planet and changed it forever. 

Divide et Impera. Trademarks and visuals belong to their rightful owners.

In Divide et Impera bands of survivors traverse the barren land while a small caste of people with access to old day luxuries lives in walled zones. You will play as one of the 4 survivor factions dwelling in the chilly, post apocalyptic world. Apart from staying alive, your goal will be to gain goods and trade them with the elites.

Lots of gameplay includes area control mechanics with huge focus on cards. These are used to perform most of actions: from gathering and moving to activating powerful drones owned by each faction. Miniatures look high quality, but that’s what we’re expecting from the studio after their previous games. 

The campaign launches in the first week of November.

The Legend of Drimek – November 5th

The Legend of Drimek. Trademarks and visuals belong to their rightful owners.

Spanish publisher Mystical Games has started their Kickstarter adventure with AVGhost, which happened to be one of the most creative projects launched this year. Implementing tiny flashlights in the miniature bases has made the game scary and atmospheric. 10 months later Mystical Games is readying another project, and  from the looks of it, we can again expect high levels of creativity.

The Legend of Drimek is a cooperative game inspired by old RPG video games. You can play it in a group of 2 to 4 players, but the authors might introduce a solo mode during the campaign (as a stretch goal). 

The Legend of Drimek. Trademarks and visuals belong to their rightful owners.

The story revolves around a bunch of adventurers captured by an evil necromancer during one of their dungeon crawling quests. The only way to get out is by completing a series of challenges prepared by the deranged mastermind and finding a way to escape. 

The video game inspiration is visible in the mini boards. They’re shaped like gamepads with empty slots for buttons. After some rounds pass, you’ll be able to place wooden tokens there and create various action buttons. Blue button for example is able to open doors and activate switches. Other buttons allow special movement like jumping or different attack types. These are valuable when you want to move faster or destroy obstacles to get resources.

Apart from the buttons idea, the “board” itself is also pretty innovative. The area where you’ll be playing is shaped like a set of stairs, and all obstacles need to be taken into account and countered with proper action buttons

Early materials look quite promising. We can’t wait to see more photos and visuals! 

The campaign is planned for November 5th.

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