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Cthulhu Dreamt: A Terrifying Multimedia RPG Experience

Enter a Near-Future Earth Where Cthulhu Has Awakened and Only You Can Stop Him


Cthulhu Dreamt, a terrifying new tabletop RPG, will launch on Kickstarter soon. The game offers a unique take on the ancient being Cthulhu, exploring a near-future Earth where the monster has awakened and begun to exert its otherworldly influence.

As they journey across the globe, players must fend off a rising tide of cosmic effects and otherworldly organisms that threaten to consume the planet and humanity along with it. Also, the game is designed to be a multimedia storytelling experience, including a novel, soundtrack, and connected media to fully immerse players in the story.


Cthulhu Dreamt is built on an original D12 system created by Adam Baffoni and written by Jaron R. M. Johnson, one of the lead designers of Monsters of Murka. The game includes a fully playable campaign, 10 specializations, and dozens of original creatures. It expands on the Cthulhu mythos while bringing it into an unsettling sci-fi future.

Fable Factory founder Reed Reimer composed an original soundtrack for the game. This music creates an audio story experience that players can also enjoy with the game or on their own.



Dr. Alya Mudamir drove the game’s story forward in 2029 with an experiment, motivated by a personal loss. The experiment used cutting-edge technology to bridge our world with a parallel universe, but Dr.Mudamir and her entire research team disappeared in the process.


Over the next five years, the world underwent increasing instability, experiencing changing weather patterns, deteriorating social behaviors, and sightings of creatures previously dismissed as hoaxes. Further by 2034, the tension on Earth reached a breaking point, with governments preparing for an unknown threat. After that, suddenly, large portions of the human race had a mysterious shared dream, and the nightmare began.

So, will you answer the call to adventure and save humanity from the horrors that await? Check the information about Kickstarter here.

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