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Cloudspire – a Board Game Awaited by Thousands of Players

Tower defense genre of games is incredibly popular on mobile devices. And while the theme of defending your fortress from swarming hordes of enemies sounds like a fantastic idea, board game implementations of it were rare and often lackluster. Cloudspire is supposed to change that. The game has appeared on Kickstarter lately, and is getting close to reaching $500.000.

Cloudspire takes us to the world of Ankar, where a source of mysterious energy is becoming depleted. This energy was a basic resource in Ankar, which is a colossal landmass floating through the skies. War is unavoidable now, and players will join one of the sides of this conflict.

cloudspire tabletop board game kickstarter

Wave After Wave

The game offers a PvP mode as well as co-op scenarios for 1-4 players. One session should take up to 2 hours, and will be filled with planning, developing bases and most of all – fighting.

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Cloudspire is played in “waves”, well known to most tower defense and MOBA fans. Each wave consists of 5 phases. In the first one various game changing events will take place. Second allows us to buy monsters, heroes and gear to defeat your enemies. Third one is dedicated to building and upgrading defenses. Next phase we release our servants and heroes in the direction of our opponent’s fortress.

Final phase is dedicated to combat. This consists of units and towers being moved according to player’s decision, with the help of some automation mechanics. This phase lasts until all units are defeated, or one of the fortresses is destroyed. The latter also marks the end of the game.

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Quality First

What’s the most unique part of Cloudspire? Most likely: the faction units represented by poker-like chips. They can be put in a pile, and different colors ensure, that you’ll be able to tell different types apart, without looking into the piles. The production quality is supposed to be on on a really high level. Creators wanted their game to be pleasant to look at and user friendly.

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The game is priced at $100 on Kickstarter and won’t be available in regular game stores. You’ll be able to get it directly from the publisher later, with a more expensive price of $130.



“No discounts are planned. If you want to check out if we finally got a proper tower defense board game, you may need to hurry.”

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The campaign is planned to last until November 9th. Apart from the core version of Cloudspire, we will also be able to get the “Portal Seekers” expansion and the fifth faction called “The Griege” for $150. If you want additional health tokens (replacing the core box ones) and some other extra elements – there’s a $250 pledge for you. All these expansions can also be ordered separately.

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