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Claustrophobia 1643 – 2nd Edition of the Famous Game Coming to Kickstarter Soon

Claustrophobia is a well-known 2 player game, that debuted in 2009. Despite releasing almost a decade ago, it still places high in the BGG’s best games ranking, sitting at the 201st position. In November, the world of board games will once again hear about Claustrophobia, as its second edition is coming our way.

Good Versus Evil?

Claustrophobia 1643 is a 2-player, asymmetrical game, where players compete against each other to survive in a violent world. One of them will lead the hordes of demons, wanting to get rid of human race, that poses danger to their world. Second player will lead a crusade against demons and side with humans. Demons are much more numerous, but the humans are stronger.

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Both players will have access to tons of miniatures – more than in the first edition of the game. Don’t forget that the gameplay is asymmetrical, and these are not just some empty words. Playing as demons will be completely different.

The replayability is said to be huge. One playthrough would take about 45 minutes, each filled with difficult decisions, complicated strategies or bloody battles.

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Claustrophobia is played in scenarios, and about 20 are planned. Humans will usually need to achieve some goals, while the demons will do everything they can, to make the other side fail.

New Edition

Changes to the mechanics will be on the smaller side, and focus mainly on improving the (already good) ruleset. Small tweaks will give the players more control over everything, and offer more fluid and enjoyable gameplay experience. The “De Profundis” expansion is now a part of the core version, which is a brilliant and backer-friendly idea.

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Most noticeable changes applied to Claustrophobia are related to the visuals. All game elements got improved to look better and feel easier to grasp. The biggest overhaul happened in the miniature department. The player sided with the humans will get 7 detailed and unique characters. Demon leader, on the other hand, will have 13 unique minis, 2 unique Hellhounds, 11 Troglodytes and 2 Tough Troglodytes.


“Miniatures won’t come painted, like they did in first edition, so mini painting enthusiasts (like my humble and talented self) should finally feel satisfied.”



Kickstarter Campaign for Claustrophobia 1643

The campaign is launching on November 6th. Games will be shipped quickly, as the initial production of 5000 units for North America and another 5000 for Europe is already undergoing. Core box will be priced at $79, which is apparently half the price of other titles with similar amount of content.

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If the game proves to be successful, the publisher is planning to release some expansions and reprint the original version. It looks like Claustrophobia is being reborn after 9 years, and thousands of new players, who have never even heard about it, will be able to check out the game.


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