Image: Axe-A-Lot-L Kickstarter
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Chaotic Card Game ‘Axe-A-Lot-L’ Surpasses Kickstarter Goal, Promoting Fun and Conservation

Join the Axolotl Adventure and Support Wildlife Conservation Efforts

Image: Axe-A-Lot-L Kickstarter

A thrilling new card game featuring the unique combination of axolotls and axes has taken Kickstarter by storm, captivating fans of fast-paced and unpredictable gameplay. “Axe-A-Lot-L” has not only met but exceeded its funding goal, with an impressive $31,388 pledged.

Gather your fellow axolotls around the Axe-A-Lot-L deck and prepare for an exhilarating experience of camaraderie and competition as you aim to chop off each other’s limbs with axes. Dive into the deck, searching for more axes like the mighty Axe-A-Lot-L or the ingenious combination of a pair of Axe-A-Littles. In a desperate moment, you can even detach your own limb and hurl it at an opponent. Fear not, for axolotls possess remarkable regenerative abilities, allowing them to regrow limbs, spine, and even parts of their brain. Each time you regenerate a limb, draw a shiny new appendage from the Limb Deck, although its properties may differ from the original.

Image: Axe-A-Lot-L Kickstarter

But defense is just as crucial as offense. Employ crafty axolotl tricks to counter your opponents’ axes and disrupt their card-drawing strategies. The last axolotl standing with limbs intact emerges as the victorious champion. In a two-player game, the outcome is straightforward, with one axolotl emerging triumphant and the other defeated. However, in a 3-4 player game, the eliminated player transforms into a Limbless Ball Of Floof and Rage. Though unable to win, they gain a handful of cards from the Revenge deck, unleashing chaos upon the remaining players. This triggers an intense countdown to the game’s end, prompting a frantic battle to preserve the most limbs.

Donations to TWCS

Image: Axe-A-Lot-L Kickstarter

While Axe-A-Lot-L portrays cute cartoon axolotls engaging in limb-severing shenanigans, the creators hold a deep love and respect for these fascinating creatures. Recognizing the critical endangerment faced by wild axolotls due to water pollution and habitat destruction, they pledge to donate 10% of potential profits from the game to The Wildlife Conservation Society. By supporting this game, you actively contribute to the preservation of natural habitats and the protection of endangered species worldwide.

Embark on the axe-wielding adventure of Axe-A-Lot-L, where excitement and laughter intertwine with conservation efforts. Join the Kickstarter campaign and become part of a gaming community dedicated to fostering fun, while making a positive impact on the planet’s precious wildlife.

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