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Calling all brave adventurers – a new magical Gwen Board Game Table from Geeknson is coming soon to Kickstarter!

When Queen Gwen of Camelot decided to support her king in his fight against dark magical forces commanded by the evil witch Morgana she couldn’t yet fathom how her actions would sway the fates gathering over the whole royal domain. With a group of loyal fierce warriors she rode into the night deciding to scour the enchanted forest of Brocéliande for any helpful artifact or magic – one that would decisively tip the scales in their favor. Guided by magical helpful lights – good-natured spirits of the forest she spent weeks before she came across an artifact of the highest order filled with power ever-so mystical and potent – a magical enchanted table created from the Brocéliande’s own trees that promised everyone who would sit at it an experience of a lifetime. Gwen knew that this table would guide them all to the land of joy and happiness and that it offered the promise of eternal peace and bliss. All that it asked in return was simply to sit at its side and enjoy yourself. 

Gwen Board Game Table is a fascinating new story that Geeknson wants to share with the whole world on April 5th, 2023 on Kickstarter. Make sure to sign up using the form below and follow the campaign to reap all Day 1 bonuses and freebies!

Geeknson is one of those few amazing companies that seemingly never stops – even for a breather. Recently they’ve successfully organized several crowdfunding campaigns and brought absolutely phenomenal tables to thousands of satisfied customers – including the amazing Megan, Bristol and Archie all coming together with an array of fantastic add-ons and features making it so easier than ever to become completely immersed in our hobby! Geeknson tables have always been a great space for taking part in grand gaming spectacles. Now we hear that they again are working on yet another exciting table dubbed Gwen – a name belonging to a Queen who bravely faced the unknown depths of a magical forest just to help her people! Gwen Board Game Table is going to be a fantastic proposition for everyone still being on the fence when thinking about getting a Gaming & Dining table and might be just the push you need in order to get one right now – Gwen is going to be so much more than just a simple table and Geeknson is sure that even owning it will be a very fulfilling experience. We’re happy to describe it in more detail and invite you to join the campaign to stay connected with all fantastic information regarding the newest project from Geeknson!

Gwen Board Game Table is a very welcoming and inviting construction – as one would expect from a magical piece of furniture used by a famous witch. Folks at Geeknson are veterans in wood-working and they know exactly what to do to achieve fantastic results. As in the case of their other projects Geeknson decided to use hard wood from over 100 years old oaks. If that’s not a guarantee of superb quality then we don’t know what else is! Not only are the materials used shaping to be great but as Geeknson is very mindful of their customers the price for such a luxury item also looks to be very affordable thanks to the new construction solutions that lower the overall cost of production. Geeknson has already been teasing us with promises of unheard before price tags for a piece of furniture of this kind and we can’t wait to hear more! We’ve also been informed that in the case of this particular table the company is thinking about introducing new financing methods for the convenience of all customers. Geeknson seems to be thinking about everything. Brilliant!

Gwen is going to be a completely new approach to the topic of modularity in Gaming & Dining Tables. From what we’ve seen this particular project is aiming to bring you a lot of convenient options that have not yet been seen in any of the previous Geeknson tables. To shed some extra light on the features we can expect to see – we’ve heard that 360 degree LED lighting is going to be one of the features that the company will offer to their customers. What is even better is that they’re willing to gift their customers with some of these features for free – we’ve heard that if you follow the campaign and sign up for news you will surely be rewarded with some fantastic rewards – you simply can’t miss it so sign up to receive all Day 1 freebies! Simply use the form below!

However gaming is not all you will use Gwen for! Dining remains very important for Geeknson and they’ve already proved numerous times that their tables are absolutely amazing when it comes to fulfilling that oh-so-important spot in your kitchen and dining areas. Gathering around Gwen is going to be so comfortable – no matter whether it’s breakfast, dinner or even brunch you can do it all at this table. And you can keep your gaming safely stored under sturdy wooden leaves equipped with Keep Dry System – no way your board games are getting wet ever with this kind of safety measures!  

What is also definitely very important to many of us is the fact that Geeknson has been doing amazing work when it comes to the topic of shipping and delivery. You might have already heard that many of their deliveries are handled by their own team internally and that shipping is international. In the case of Gwen you might expect that Geeknson will reach you anywhere on the globe. As showcased by their own Facebook fanpage they are happy to see their table reach their new homes and they can assist to the best of their possibilities with delivery and installation.

With all of that in mind we are more than excited for this new amazing table to become available on Kickstarter on April, 5th 2023! With Gwen’s unyielding courage and bravery we are absolutely sure that it will be an amazing Day 1 purchase and we’ll be sure to let you know more details about the project as we get them. Stay tuned!

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