BRISTOL Board Game Table on Kickstarter. How to Make Best Games Even Better

The BRISTOL Board Game Table has finally launched on Kickstarter. Geeknson’s newest family of tables merges their most popular ideas with brand new, innovative features. Tables come in 4 different sizes and can be customized with a whole load of modular accessories also available on the campaign. All of them enhance board games and give many quality of life upgrades, tailorable to each game you like and play often.

Recently we’ve had the pleasure to see the BRISTOL Brettspieltisch/Board Game Table in real life. Check out our photo gallery with various games set up and ready to play.

The Inset

Pro Modular Fabric Inset adds lots of comfort to the gameplay, no matter what you are currently playing.

Picking cards becomes easier and they’re less likely to move. The fabric used in the inset is stain-resistant.

Counter and Miniature Holders

Bigger, more complex games require tons of tokens, meeples, miniatures or in some cases like Scythe: all of them. Counter holders can help to keep each type of token in one, accessible area.

Geeknson’s acrylic divider can help with sorting components even more. Counter holders can either be placed in the inset or attached to the corners of the BRISTOL Board Game Table thanks to magnets.

Colorful LED Lighting

Players who want better immersion while playing RPGs can use the remote controlled LED light that can be installed in your BRISTOL Brettspieltisch/Board Game Table.

Few clicks can drastically change the atmosphere.

LED light works great with all sorts of tabletop games. You can change it when your party gets into a dangerous situation.

Accessories and Other Add-ons

There’s tons of great accessories attachable to the BRISTOL Board Game Table. You can see how acrylic player boards work in the video below.

You can use both acrylic and wooden, magnet based counter holders with your table. A part outside the main playing area is used to hold the campaign map here.

Modular table top leaves can protect games set below them or partially cover the table to make some space for manuals or a laptop.

Here’s another example of the setup with different accessories, player boards, cup holders etc.

As you see, there are thousands of ways to customize BRISTOL Brettspieltisch/ Board Game Table, and we love all of its modularity.

As you see, there are thousands of ways to customize BRISTOL /Board Game Table, and we love all of its modularity. Picking add-ons to match your games is a great idea, although you can also get them later on, as they will apparently be available on Geeknson’s online store.


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