Image: BREAK!! Kickstarter
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BREAK!! Tabletop RPG: Explore a Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy World

Easy-to-Play Experience for New and Old-School Players Alike is now on Kickstarter

Image: BREAK!! Kickstarter

Tabletop roleplaying game BREAK!! has launched on Kickstarter, surpassing its funding goal by over £10,000 in just a few hours. The game promises an easy-to-play experience of exploration and teamwork. Furthermore, the main setting is a post-apocalyptic fantasy world inspired by classic anime and SNES-era video games. Finally, BREAK!!’s full-color book is loaded with diagrams and infographics to make learning and playing the game as fast and fun as possible.

BREAK!! is perfect for new tabletop players, 5e players, gaming parents, and old-school players, providing familiar yet clean and modern rules for fantasy fun. As an adventurer, players journey across shattered landscapes, explore ancient ruins, negotiate or fight with adversaries, craft items, and create social bonds with friends. The post-apocalyptic fantasy setting of Outer World also has derelict mega structures, shambling war machines, and nature warped by magical pollution. Themed regions allow players to find adventures that suit their taste.

Easy and exciting

Image: BREAK!! Kickstarter

BREAK!!’s character creation includes unique options, such as 8 callings and 11 species. This fine mix allows players to create anything from a nekomimi ninja to a mechanoid mage. Furthermore, each PC has a quirk and a history that ties them into the setting and provides them with useful knowledge and expertise. Additionally, characters come with gear to provide more tactical options. Outer World is full of strange individuals and creatures, including 21 distinct and archetypal adversaries. Also, modular design makes it easy to remix and reskin adversaries. The BREAK!! rules have been streamlined for new players and include simple rules for journeys, exploration, negotiation, fights, downtime, and crafting.

In conclusion, BREAK!! provides an exciting and easy-to-learn tabletop roleplaying experience for new and experienced players alike. Moreover, the post-apocalyptic fantasy world of Outer World is full of adventure, and the unique character creation and adversary design make each game unpredictable and exciting. With simple rules and a streamlined design, BREAK!! is perfect for anyone looking for a new place to have fantasy fun.

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