Image: Pies, Mori, Lunar, Bacon Kickstarter
in , , Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Pies, Mori, Lunar, Bacon Card Games

Kickstarter Campaign Surpasses Expectations with $117,000 Pledged has unveiled its latest creation, Pies, Mori, Lunar, Bacon, through a new Kickstarter campaign. The campaign has exceeded expectations, amassing over $117,000 in pledges. Running until May 19th, the project campaign showcases four distinct card games. Each of these offers a unique and enjoyable gameplay experience for both new and experienced players.


Image: Pies, Mori, Lunar, Bacon Kickstarter

In Pies, players participate in three rounds, strategically playing fruit cards to collect combinations. The highest-value card in each round earns the player one card from the trick, while other players draft cards from the trick in descending order. Additionally, special actions can be triggered during gameplay. This allows players to steal fruit cards or protect their own stash with the help of the dog.


Image: Pies, Mori, Lunar, Bacon Kickstarter

“Mori” is an artfully crafted card game that explores the themes of growth and decay. Players engage in trick-taking with dice, manipulating their hand of cards and using the dice to strategize for the best possible score.


Image: Pies, Mori, Lunar, Bacon Kickstarter

Lunar, a partnership game, combines the phases of the moon with various nocturnal creatures to form complete tricks. Each card represents either the rank determined by the moon phase or the suit represented by a nocturnal animal. Players must carefully combine these halves to create winning tricks, balancing the decision of when to win and lose tricks for optimal gameplay.


Image: Pies, Mori, Lunar, Bacon Kickstarter

In Bacon, a fixed-partnership climbing game for 4 or 6 players, the objective is to be the first team to go out. However, the score of the leading team depends on when the rest of their team goes out. For teams that do not go out first, the goal is to delay the opponent’s exit as much as possible. Additionally, Bacon can be played with 3 or 5 players, where individual players compete against one another.

The Pies, Mori, Lunar, Bacon Kickstarter campaign offers backers exclusive access to these exciting card games, with various reward tiers and opportunities to support the project. With its innovative gameplay concepts and enticing themes, Pies, Mori, Lunar, and Bacon are poised to captivate tabletop gaming enthusiasts and deliver enjoyable experiences for players of all skill levels.

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